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    6 new singles released simultaneously on bandcamp, 11 January 2015, all recorded with his Korg Kaossilator 2.
  • Avatar for jussi_m
    v me too..
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
    Am I the only one who thought Mako was a girl? [2] Japan, bruh..
  • Avatar for hackerlovesme
    Am I the only one who thought Mako was a girl?
  • Avatar for abilziero
    (((((((UKAMA MIMING)))))))
  • Avatar for purifire
    he is so pretty '_'
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    Mako's soundcloud:
  • Avatar for kuntoda
    'Magical Power' and 'Jump' are two of my favourite albums of all time.
  • Avatar for imsootired
    im in love with u magical power mako
  • Avatar for michaelmcguire
    I seriously think he may possess some type of magical powers
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    From psychedelic experiments with elements of rock, and asian traditional music, to electronic sound which sounds like Oldfield, Jarre and Tangerine Dream mix. Very very good music.
  • Avatar for Massive_Anus
    hapmonium is ridicks
  • Avatar for djgizmoe
    Geez, it took long enough for me to track his stuff down. Exciting stuff.
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    Yeah he made hundreds of videos on seesmic a few years ago which have since been deleted. The user @kerojetter who left a shout on this page is actually Mako himself I think.
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    is he still kicking about today???
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  • Avatar for moondog55
    Great Japanese psych!
  • Avatar for seedmole
    hapmoniym = yesssssssss
  • Avatar for HerrHerr
    hm, spotify still isn't available. any help on finding lo pop diamonds is appreciated :)
  • Avatar for StarCoreA
    @saddadscalmmoms, it's on spotify, which will apparently be available in the US by the end of this year:
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    does anybody have lo pop diamonds? currently unemployed and i love sea of joy and oh sunny day so much
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    thanks every one !!!!! Love&Peace magical power mako check bio
  • Avatar for ulsw
    Sexy Dream
  • Avatar for StarCoreA
    I just spent hours going through those seesmic videos. Thanks for the link @ulsw!
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    song with the kids singing is the most gotdamn adorable thing ever
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  • Avatar for truculenttyler
    please note that free download is in wav
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    You can get Mako's new album, 'Save the Earth' in it's entirety for free on his website here: It doesn't seem to work with Firefox though so try IE.
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    super record blows my mind.
  • Avatar for StarCoreA
    (shake it up)
  • Avatar for toy-maker
  • Avatar for BUD2THECHUD
    Welcome to the space world!!!!!!! 楽しい!  
  • Avatar for ManiacForces
    Super psych
  • Avatar for monobrau
    Super record is terrific
  • Avatar for twmia
    Wonderful psychedelic. great songs and sound
  • Avatar for RobertJaz
    I started a group for Magical Power Mako - please come join here:
  • Avatar for Niewiadomaa
    I can't get enough of Super Record .
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  • Avatar for elephant6
    Magical Power is such a good record. Shame about the artwork though.
  • Avatar for mmmaaaxxxiii
    Their legendary debut is absolutely great, one of the best weird japan albums ever!
  • Avatar for catacombs
    This is some really nice psych music ! Good trip-material
  • Avatar for analogonz
    i second this guy below me!
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Super Record is one of the best albums I've ever heard. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite musicians.
  • Avatar for JJM1
    Well.... this is pretty much the greatest thing ever, haha.
  • Avatar for Degarmo
    the wtf tag really sums it up
  • Avatar for nadirauxpommes
    SOOOOOOOOO what. Who has his later albums anyway?
  • Avatar for DarkJesus
    A lot of his later albums have all the songs on one track. Means only one track gets scrobbled for the whole album.


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