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Like It or Not (4:31)


  • one of my fav songs on the confession album. it's my theme song.
  • It's a good song which represents her opinions and really means something.... well at least it would do if it was written by her. Nevertheless, it's a decent song to listen to.
  • This is my favorite song off the album even if it's nothing like any of the other songs. <3<3<3<3
  • Best from COADF by far
  • Nobody can stop her
  • <3
  • My favourite on COADF except the singles.
  • She is a legend! World with out madonna is not real world...
  • Love Me Or Leave Me
  • i love mash up with depeche mode 'personal jesus'.
  • Adore this song & I LOVE the live performance on the dvd, so cool!
  • A great song! And Bloodshy & Avant produced the song : ) (Okay, with Madonna)
  • Lov this song!
  • Fill up your cup and let's drink the wine ;)
  • Great lyrics and beat:D
  • FIERCE! and great lyrics too
  • This is who i am You can like it or not You can love me or leave me 'cause i never gonna stop! <3<3<3
  • great lyrics!
  • i love this song a lottttttttttttt
  • ugh i love this song
  • Best Song Off Album!
  • Madonna is the queen of the dancefloor!


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