• One Great Mystery

    6 Oct 2014, 22:21 by fm014

    I’m a bit in hurry right now… so this has to be done a bit more quickly.
    Last week in covers:
    > Daft Punk : I was checking out the “TRON: Legacy” soundtrack for melodies I could use as background music for sports news. Yes, that’s also radio work related. :P
    > Garbage : ah, those days of “Beautiful Garbage” are something I like to remember from time to time. The album has some great tracks - like “Cup Of Coffee” for instance.
    > Trwbador : new album alert. But tbh “Several Wolves” turned out not to be my cup of tea. (At least yet.)
    > The Preatures : new album alert. I haven’t heard everything from “Blue Planet Eyes”, but I certainly will continue to check out those fresh rock songs.
    > Craig Armstrong : yes, the “In Time” score again. ^_^


    Most played artists:
    > Tokio Hotel : new album alert. I’m joining the critic’s side by saying that the new tunes are not very good.
  • Killer Sounds

    29 Aug 2011, 18:02 by fm014


    remember when I wrote about setting up a new profile image? Yeah, that is still a “to do” for me. But now back to the usual:
    Last week in covers:
    > David Guetta : I’m surprised how much I like his new album o.O
    > Hard-Fi : wow, this band is actually really good. I tried their latest album “Killer Sounds” and it’s amazing.
    > Elton John : well, tbh I had some of his songs on my sleepy time playlist...

    And that is also why this week’s song stats are a bit messed up. But anyway: Stats!

    Most played artists: (what a coincidence)
    > Tom Sinclair : I read that there’s a new album on the way. One word: anticipation! :-) In other news: do yourself a favor, visit his bandcamp page and treat your ears with some amazing tunes.
    > Tom Milsom : so yeah, there was this incident when I decided to catch up on his discography which left me partly stunned and partly “sobering”. …