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    3 Apr 2012, 11:10 by mbas94

  • Madonna MDNA (Deluxe Edition) Review

    1 Apr 2012, 01:57 by Slizer107

    Well as previously stated in the other review for MDNA of the standard editions songs, I am not expecting many people to read this, just a bit of fun for me whilst bored :D So this is my personal review of the 5 extra songs on MDNA (Deluxe Edition).

    Beautiful Killer- Now sometimes the bonus tracks are bonuses for a reason, they were the sloppy extras that just the singer likes and not really the masses, but this track squashes that expectation right away. Everything in this song just works, it flows with ease meaning its easy to listen to, and I could imagine it being amazing in a club :P Lyrically its also very good! Suggestive but not to far, which is perfection to me, as hearing Madonna openly talking about hanky panky would be to awkward for me, I mean shes 53... Now I know this isn't really what Madonna generally does with her songs, but it would have been amazing if it had of built up to one blow away long note near the end on the last chorus…