• Finally caught a Madeleine Peyroux show

    2 Jul 2009, 02:19 by smbrannan

    I quite enjoyed seeing Madeleine Peyroux as Heidi and I had tickets to her last concert in Toronto (2007) but we had to cancel at the last minute because of a business trip.

    I don't know a ton about Madeleine Peyroux but I do recall that she went "missing" around the time that her excellent Careless Love CD was released, with rumours that she had freaked out from all the attention. I don't know if this is half-way true, but it now seem plausible as Peyroux seems quite awkward and uncomfortable being on stage. She carries herself well, but it seems like it takes a fair amount of effort ( her habit of bending and straightening her hat when she puts the guitar down is a clue}.

    She is a very talented singer, and seems effortlessly to play with the lyrics to every song in her repertoire. I'm sure she could improvise a tune for the phone book and it would be gorgeous.

    Her band is also highly skilled, didn't catch their names but all were great musicians. …
  • Artists that I like- Just a list for my own benefit

    12 Aug 2007, 11:00 by saintmaybe1121

    The AmericansHey, a song about how there's a lot of us that can be cool. It's a novelty.

    Snow Patrol I love all their stuff.

    SympathizeDon't know this guy, but liked this track.

    Someone To LoveHow can you not be happy listening to this song?

    LDN Yay caffeine!

    Vultures As much as he sometimes annoys me, he really is a good jazz artist.

    Rehab Sounds just like old-time Motown; very cool.

    Wait for Me Man, I love this guy's voice!!!

    ****pause****Fellini's acting like a freak.

    Long Way AroundCan't believe I'm recommending this. Country? I mean, really?
    But this is a good song.

    Sweet Little LiesChill. Just liked the way the whole thing was put together. Kind of reminds me of early DMB.

    Ain't No Reason

    The StoryI love this song. And it's about the lines that develop on your face from living a good life- just like the lines I love on Jay's face.

    Life Is Beautiful Cool band name. But I really like this song; sounds a lot like snow patrol.