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Added by Obscure437 on 24 May 2010
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  • Orbonen

    yeah i think it is, as stated in an interview i heard once. they didnt realise that until several tour dates later tho

    4 Dec 2013 Reply
  • shitscud

    I agree with reverndjon that she looks slightly on the tranny side, but that might just be my wishful thinking. Makes it better, if so. You've got a keen brow for bulges, good sir.

    29 Nov 2012 Reply
  • I_am_Curran

    Its lady gaga

    2 Oct 2011 Reply
  • tinnitustimulus

    thats dom during the macronympha performance during 2006 no fun, i was there and had metal shards thrown at my head

    28 Sep 2011 Reply
  • luminous_insect

    actually think it's dom fernow (prurient), at least he was wearing that camo vest at no fun 2005 when he guested with macronympha

    8 Sep 2011 Reply
  • mayersa

    Joe doesn't care if there is. Dude is Kakerlak right? Not even really in the band, at least not when they were turning out their prime shit.

    21 Jul 2011 Reply
  • reverendjon

    Am I the only one who suspects there's a penis in those panties?

    8 Feb 2011 Reply
  • Vierge_Noire


    17 Dec 2010 Reply
  • nabraxas

    He's got the whole left mammary in his mouth. Impressive.

    31 Oct 2010 Reply
  • DreadNoize


    12 Oct 2010 Reply
  • Cataquack


    21 Jun 2010 Reply