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Machine Head

Be Still and Know (5:44)


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  • geil
  • My favourite song from Unto the Locust [5] FUCKING MARVELLOUS
  • great anyway
  • Wasted Years!
  • kiráááály:D
  • Great overall guitar work.
  • Pummeling riff, amazing song
  • Intro <3.
  • best intro ever
  • My favourite song from Unto the Locust [4] FUCKING MARVELLOUS
  • Amazing intro!
  • WTF ?!! A so marvelous fucking beautiful title isn't right here to be listened !!!??? FUCK !
  • "Fucking awesome". Es buena etiqueta para clasificar esta canción.
  • My favourite song from unto the locust [3]
  • One of the best metal songs of all time.
  • great
  • It's an intro played on the high strings between opens doesn't mean it's Wasted Years. Megadeth's 'Washington is Next!' also has a similar opening which is closer to WY's tempo unlike this and Mustaine made the point that just cause he opens a track like that it doesn't mean it's a Maiden nod, it just sounds groovy.
  • the intro is really similar... but we can see that the rest of the song is the Machine Head's style
  • Machine Maiden! [2]
  • Iron Maiden + Kreator = true!
  • Fucking beast!!!
  • What a fucking great chorus. [2]
  • fucking epic
  • Drums are awesome on this one
  • Machine Maiden!
  • My favorite song from "Unto the Locust". [2]
  • "Unto the Locust"'s best song, no doubts about it.
  • Amazing.
  • My favorite song from "Unto the Locust".
  • What a fucking great chorus.
  • @oogie: that part sounds similar to the part at 2:17 on Aesthetics of Hate. I noticed that too.
  • in brightest day...
  • Opening riff is similar to Iron Maiden - Wasted Years.
  • And the opening riff. It sounds so familiar and I can't place it. Mostly the end of the progression. It's been driving me crazy all day because I can't place what it sounds like >.<
  • @oogie aesthetics of hate
  • What's that part at 3:37 reminding me of? Some older MH Stuff... Please Help :D
  • @Schander: Indeed.
  • This track is like Iron Maiden + Kreator = awesomeness!
  • double bass !!! McClain killer !
  • ok ok
  • MH have outdone themselves again
  • awesome !
  • Halo style
  • Love the instrumental part!
  • Great solo in the end!
  • enchanting intro, makes me feel as if i'm gliding through a cavern of neon icicles...

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