• A bit of drama, through the looking glass

    5 Dec 2010, 00:26 by rolle-

    Sat 4 Dec – Machinae Supremacy, Kill the Romance, Random Eyes

    Whoa. It was such a great night with Random Eyes, Kill the Romance, and Machinae Supremacy. I was a bit drunk - not much, but a bit. Random Eyes was fukkin great. Christian Palin introduced us their new guitarist. I know nothing about him. He played some cheap-ass solo, and it sure was impressive. During the solo I was thinking; would I say it or not. But then I decided that I will.

    "OLLI WAS BETTER", I shouted. Did not expect anyone to hear it, but of course they heard. I don't know about the band, but some fans. This one woman started to shout at me "fuck you! go to fuck yourself! what the fuck? if you are not interested, fuck off! fuck!" etc. I was confused, and cheerful. Showed my face to my friend which told him "what the fuck is going on?".

    Then she grabbed me and shouted something. I backed off. Thank god I was in bar area and there was this fence between us. Seemed like she was climbing off the fence. …
  • MaSu at Helsinki setlists & review - best gig ever!

    16 Apr 2009, 22:19 by Stubbsy67

    Sun 12 Apr – Machinae Supremacy, SoulCage

    Before I start let me first state that my girlfriend ClamLydia and I travelled especially from England to attend this gig. It wasn't cheap doing so, but it was worth every goddamn penny!! So I urge anyone, especially those who live closer to the band's usual tour destinations (eg Norway) to bite the bullet and travel to see MaSu, you won't regret it.


    01 You Get So Alone
    02 I See
    03 My Canvas, My Skin
    04 Ride On
    05 Until You Find Me
    06 Satellite Children
    07 Stranger in You
    08 Bleeding
    09 Origin
    10 Flaming Flowers (Send in the Clowns)
    11 MIA

    Soulcage were a great choice of warm-up act. Having downloaded their debut album Dead Water Diary several months ago I was semi-looking forward to seeing them; the album is good but it really is far from outstanding. I was therefore pleased to see the release of Soul For Sale several days before the gig - the album is so much better than Dead Water Diary, with better songwriting and riffs, and far superior vocal clarity. …
  • A music survey.

    18 Jul 2007, 00:13 by bardism

  • 20000 Scrobbles!

    4 Nov 2006, 01:33 by Seryn

    Well the next milestone has been reached (well nearly) its time for the stereotypical celebration journal. I'd like to think that my musical tastes have done a lot of expanding and maturing since the last milestone. Back at the 10000 scrobbles mark I was only just being introduced to the respective worlds of indie, alternative and punk rock after a lengthy stretch of nothing but power and progressive metal. Another 10000 tracks and a load of new music later my tastes in all of these genres have expanded and I am but one step closer to musical enlightenment. Now, in accordance to my promise to myself from my last milestone journal, i've decided to plan ahead and create another celebratory playlist, this one a bit longer to eliminate too many tough decisions. So I present thee with 62 of my all time favourite songs that have made the journey to this point in my life all the more fulfilling (yes it was originally going to be 50 tracks but I didn't have the heart to vut any more). …
  • Now the voice of god is everywhere

    18 Jul 2006, 07:27 by DrakJane

    Gosh. Jag vaknade med Through the Looking Glass på hjärnan, efter att ha lyssnat på den i princip hela gårdagen. Känns så jävla skitbra att jag ska få se dem igen. En månad och två dagar kvar nu. :)

    Förutom det är det gates om lite mer än en vecka! Naglfar ska så jävla sköna att se live, även om jag tappat lite av min besatthet sen jag drogs tillbaka in i MaSu-grejen. Sen är det Mayhem också, ser fram emot dem som fan. Lär vara så trasig sen, lagom i tid till Takemorilägret i Uppsala.

    Weeee, kommer bli så BRA så fort saker börjar hända. Och idag fyller jag hela sexton år och imorgon flyttar jag, min dator och min 360 till vår egen lägenhet.

    And now the storm has grown
    out of control
    Right here, the voice of anger
    taking tone
    Cause now the fire
    in our hearts explode
    Baby, let's blow this joint
    and build our own
  • The Lyrics Challenge

    29 Jun 2006, 09:55 by teukkam

    OK - this is definitely a sign of extreme boredom... anyway I snapped this off the forumes:

    Lyrics Challenge!
    1. Go to Your Library
    2. Select the Shuffle Option
    3. List the first line of the first 25 songs that you hear (But, don't use an artist more than once.)
    4. Have people guess the artists and songs!

    Some disclaimers: I did this on my working laptop, so it doesn't represent my whole collection. Also, I skipped songs that were instrumental or had no real lyrics (e.g. just some sampled speech) because I was bound to get a lot of such. There was also quite a lot of repetition in the artists. Anyway, here goes:

    1. Vibrant and real I lie / Mantled by the open sky / The wind and waves my lullaby / I am the land.
    The Cry Of The Land

    2. On the edge of paradise / Tears of woe fall, cold as ice / Hear my cry / Renounce, have you, thy name / Eternal is my pain
    The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

    3. I've been leaving on my things / So in the morning when the morning bird sings / There's still dinner on my dinner jacket . …