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    16 Aug 2010, 22:53 by star-samurai

    Kool aid and frozen pizza, it's a work of art I ain't talkin' Mona Lisa.

    ☆ Realized that I can totally do this on Mondays too. I'll just be flexible with this. Anyways, good news: I finally got a job! It's housekeeping, but they're willing to work around my college schedule - which is really awesome. Dumb thing is I have a college orientation on September 1st and I'm hoping I don't work that day or else I'mma have to ask someone to switch with me on that day - because I'm REQUIRED to be there. Uggh. Fabulous.

    ★ 508 PLAYS | Mac Miller | Why? I honestly don't remember HOW I discovered him. But I remember looking up his YouTube videos and found Nikes on My Feet and fell instantly in love. With beats totally reminiscent of the 90s and lyricism that is incredible, how the hell can I resist this kid? Oh and I think he's 1 year younger than me (18 I think?) - which is ridiculous, because Soulja Boy is my age (19) and he sucks completely. …