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Murder Disco X is a modern hardcore punk band, originally from Stuttgart, Germany. The band formed in 1992 using the name TIMETOSUFFERPOWER and renamed to the Murder Disco Experience in 1996. Over time they name was reduced to Murder Disco X, often they are called MDX.

Murder Disco X's music is characterized by its no frills hardcore punk sound and political yet witty lyrics. With band members being into Punk for over 25 years they stick to a more classical Hardcore sound with influences of the early 80's Punk-Scenes of both sides of the atlantic ocean.

Murder Disco X draw from many various early hardcore punk bands as influences.

Members Current

* Ralf - Vocals
* Peter - Bass - Formerly of Belching Beet
* Fritz - Guitar - Also of Riot Brigade
* Roland - Drums

Members Past

* Kelly - Drums - Formerly of Deprived, Resist, Defiance, Masskontroll, Warmachine, Detestation, Severed Head of State, Endrophobia, Suicide Blitz, Cluster Bomb Unit,
* Kieren - Guitar - Vae Victis
* Tommy - Guitar
* Pumuckl - Guitar - Bitch Boys
* Schmier - Drums - Bitch Boys, Social Maniacs, Accion Mutante
* Martin - Drums
* Andy - Guitar
* Alex - Guitar


* split with DEREKS DON'T RUN 7" (1993) self released
* V/A PLOT LP (1994) Plot Fanzine
* DEMON 98 MC (1997) self released
* V/A MAXIMUM SUBJECTIVITY LP (2000) Flowerviolence
* V/A MISSING IN ACTION, LP, August 2000
* Supercrust 7" (2002) self released
* Feeding of the 500 7" (2003) Terror Records
* Split with Jilted LP (2003) Agipunk
* V/A, More World, Less Bank! 7" (2003) Blindead Productions / Halvfabrikat Records
* V/A Welcome To Hell CD (June 2004) Protest Records
* Ground Zero: Stuttgart CD/LP (2005) Profane Existence

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