• Unknown bands to check out

    2 Feb 2007, 19:11 by kemikade

    i'm going to share my three favourite 'secret' bands with everyone. One is an old fave, and the other 2 are new, relatively unknown bands.

    Starting with the old.. MO*HO*BISH*O*PI
    the first gig i ever went to was one of theirs. think a slightly more mainstream sonic youth. sadly split up now.

    Connan And The Mockasins are an amazing band from New Zealand. they've recently moved to London so i'm hoping to catch one of their gigs. they're one of the happiest bands i've ever heard, very bluesy and a bit folkey. Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend always makes me smile.
    The mockasins website. free downloads!

    Lastly, and by no means least The Hat. saw them play live at Fopp! in Tottenham court road. one of the best live bands i've ever seen. their myspace sums them up perfectly... " Tom Waits reading Roald Dahl over a soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman, played by the Beastie Boys, sort of." P.S. thanks dan for picking my name and winning me 2 bestival tickets <333