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M.I.M.E.O. is a free improvisation group formed in 1997 on the initiative of several independent concert promoters in Europe. The abbreviation stands for "Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra".

Though some members have been temporarily replaced when unavailable for recording or performing, the group consists of:

  • Phil Durrant - software synth / digital sampler

  • Fennesz - computer

  • Cor Fuhler - electronics, piano, organ

  • Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer

  • Kaffe Matthews - computer

  • Jerome Noetinger - electroacoustic devices

  • Gert-Jan Prins - electronics, radio, TV, percussion

  • Peter Rehberg - computer

  • Keith Rowe - prepared guitar

  • Marcus Schmickler - computer, synthesizer

  • Rafael Toral - guitar, electronics

Pianist John Tilbury joined the group to record The Hands of Caravaggio. Critic Brian Olewnick describes the album as "A staggering achievement, one is tempted to call The Hands of Caravaggio the first great piano concerto of the 21st century."


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