• 30 questions about 30 awesome bands

    26 Feb 2009, 02:20 by colourofsleep

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Fuck...I'm Dead
    I think I downloaded Anal Abbatoir from the No Escape site and went from there. Great, great band.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    Schism was the first I remember hearing. Woah, the dude I copied this from has the same 22 as me :)

    3. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    Actually, with that band I'm a terrible burning rip-off jerk :) I only OWN Absolution.

    4. What is your favorite song by 5?
    That'd probably be Verdelet.

    5. What is your favorite song by 15?
    Deadman. Not even released yet, officially, but it's fucking brilliant. Love the middle section with the guitar solo.

    6. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
    Violent Femmes
    Ahh, the Femmes. So bittersweet, not really happy :) I'll say Black Girls 'cause it's a load of fun really.

    7. What is your favorite song by 10?
    Pink Floyd
    Geez, what's with all the "favourite songs"? I hate doing that. Ummm... Time, it has to be.
  • And there were future reflections...

    12 Dec 2008, 06:13 by colourofsleep

    Thu 11 Dec – MGMT, Tame Impala, Luke Steele

    A sunny summer evening was the perfect setting for New York’s ridiculously popular synth-pop whizkids MGMT to bring their live show to Australia. Recapping, the band sold out the original venue of the Palace Theatre in under five minutes, then when the show was moved to Festival Hall, they instantly sold out that as well. Suffice to say, expectations were high for the band to deliver tonight.

    The night got off to a rocking start with Perth it-kids Tame Impala bringing their fuzzed-out brand of blissful psychedelic rock to the Festival Hall stage. Not too familiar with their work, so I guess this little bit is going to be brief, but yeah, I thought their set was great. From memory I think they only managed to fit in about five-six songs, due to the fact that they were all for a bit of free-form jamming in the middle of their songs. A bit of artiness always goes down well with me; I was particularly impressed with their drummer Jay Watson. …
  • 2008 round up

    4 Dec 2008, 15:21 by thisisall1word

    We're into the home stretch now and barring a few last minute releases (and who releases stuff in the last 3 weeks of the year except X-factor winners?) 2008 is about over.
    There's been some cracking stuff to listen to over the last 12 months as well as a few disappointments and I thought it would be a unique and novel idea to review the years music, possibly in some sort of list form. Please note that I have now sent off a patent application for this so please ask permission before attempting anything similar or you will be hearing from my hapless despairing lawyers.

    MGMT were one such band that I said waaaay back in March or something that would be sat atop the pile at the end of the year and, after some shoutbox naysaying and mockery, I am still proud to say that
    Oracular Spectacular is still sounding as good as ever and I can not think of a better LP released this year.
    Live they were shambolically great fun at Glasto Park stage - with punches thrown at nazi security for good measure. …
  • DSPPNTMNT (14 nov 2008 - MGMT / A Place To Bury Strangers - Vooruit)

    16 Nov 2008, 14:09 by brambilla77

    A record that will - rightfully - make it into a lot of year lists, a sold out Vooruit and a friday night 10pm start. It all sounded like a perfect mix for a perfect gig. Sadly the youngsters of MGMT were unable to live up to the expectations.

    Opening act A Place to Bury Strangers made a very good first entry on the MGMT tour machine. Playing in the dark with visuals projected on them really set a dark and ominous atmosphere, ideal for some serious rock that was loud - but not too - and reminded me of Sonic Youth and Jesus & The Mary Chain.

    A bit after 11pm Andrew VanWyngarden, Ben Goldwasser and their band appeared on the stage amidst a setting of crystal cacti. The first half of the set was rather tame and hardly worth mentioning with the exception of a great Of Moons, Birds & Monsters. The second half was a bit better, possibly because it had crowd favorites like The Youth, Time To Pretend and Electric Feel in it. Squeezing in the 13+ minute epic Metanoia was a…
  • I'm bored. Shut the fuck up.

    15 Nov 2008, 00:47 by skatasticness

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Plunger from the Umph's Vibes set this summer.

    2. What song makes you sad?
    Jesus, Etc.

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    I'd probably have to go with "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"

    4. Your all time favorite band?
    Smashing Pumpkins, without a moment's hesitation

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    I've lately been digging Kap10Kurt and the Gaslight Anthem

    6. Best female voice?
    The singer from Chairlift has the most haunting voice I think I've ever heard. I'm in love with it.

    7. Best male voice?
    Jacob Hemphill from Soldiers of Jah Army has a pretty sweet voice, i guess. So do Roosta and Prowla from Fear Nuttin Band. And Mikey Sarason, of course.

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    Usually some mixture of ska, punk, metal, or jammy stuff. Lately a SHIT-TON of indie electronic and remixes.

    9. What do you listen to to hype you up?
    Needled 24-7 or Mission Complete

    10. What do you listen to to calm down?
  • The National and MGMT @ Arena Tim Ibirapuera

    28 Oct 2008, 19:05 by rodsontherocks

    Sat 25 Oct – Tim Festival 2008 - Ponte Brooklyn

    The band that opened the night is called Cérebro Eletrônico. I didn't know their work, but they remind me of Pato Fu and Os Mutantes, their psychedelic rock is pretty fun.

    The second band in the night was The National they played mainly Alligator and Boxer Except for the last song - About Today, from the Cherry Tree EP.
    I would never except that the they'd sound so heavy live. It was such a nice surprise.

    The entire song list below:

    Start a war
    Secret Meeting
    Baby, We'll Be Fine
    Slow show
    Squalor Victoria
    All the wine
    Mistaken for strangers
    Apartment Story
    Fake empire
    Mr. November
    About Today

    MGMT was the closing band of the night. Andrew's mics weren't very good, but the gig was great, anyway.

    The song list:

    4th Dimensional Transition
    Pieces of What
    Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
    Weekend Wars
    The Youth
    Electric Feel
    Time to Pretend