• 2005 - 8 Months and 10100 Tracks Later...

    Dic 26 2005, 22:14 di DJShopmobility

    According to my Top Artist chart (running since April 17th this year), these have been my top 25 Artists of 2005. I list them along with my album from them that has probably contriblute most to their chart position. It probably will have been released this year, but may well not. I clearly like all tese artists, and, now I look at them, I see that they are quite an eclectic mix. If you see something you have enjoyed, I thoroughly suggest you take a look at something else on here...

    Here goes:
    1 We Are Not Alone 408 Plays
    2 Mezmerize 384 Plays
    3 Bloc Party - Silent Alarm 331 Plays
    4 City of Evil 310 Plays
    5 Yngwie Malmsteen - The Best of Yngwie Malmsteen 288 Plays
    6 Disconnection Notice 283 Plays
    7 Greatest Hits 234 Plays
    8 Foo Fighters - In Your Honour 213 Plays
    9 Pendulum - Hold Your Colour 206 Plays
    10 American Idiot 191 Plays
    11 Goldie Lookin' Chain - Safe As Fuck 172 Plays
    12 Pushing the Senses 171 Plays
    13 Hi-Fi Serious 161 Plays
  • Top eleven albums of 2005: part 2

    Dic 17 2005, 4:47 di Heinekren

    5. DANGERDOOM - The Mouse & The Mask: The Adult Swim sound clips have the potential to date this album severely in a few years, but right now it stands as a pretty exceptional document of two of hip-hop's most exciting contributors. Danger Mouse's production is timelessly fresh, almost surpassing his work on The Grey Album. MF DOOM provides more weird rhyme patterns that fall somewhere between battle rap and stream-of-consciousness fever dream.

    4. Get Behind Me Satan: The Stripes expanded the confines of their little room a bit on this album, turning down the volume enough to make space for some new instrumentation. Jack White's knack for a catchy hook is undeniable. The sole survivors of 2001's poorly defined garage rock renaissance, this may be their most vital work yet.

    3. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold Roses: Ryan really stuffed the ballot boxes this year, releasing three albums, including this two-disk gem. The Cardinals are really working for him, reining in some of his more impulsive traits…
  • Started this group

    Dic 3 2005, 21:43 di brownstar

    I started this group because I noticed that there were a lot of people with similar tastes in music. A nice blend of and . We'll see if it goes anywhere...

    Metric meets MF DOOM?
    Arcade Fire meets Afu-Ra, Aesop Rock, or Atmosphere?
    Bloc Party meets Black Star?
    The Strokes meets Talib Kweli? (ok, that one was weak)
    death cab meets DANGERDOOM?

    We'll see.
  • lists lists lists...

    Dic 3 2005, 7:46 di musicisart

    since everyone in the worlds seems to be making an end of the year list, i'm gonna say my favorites... and least favorites.

    (in no order...)

    yay for:

    Brad Mehldau - Day is Done
    Dane Cook - Retaliation
    Danger Doom - The Mouse & The Mask
    Gorillaz - Demon Days
    Kanye West - Late Registration
    Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
    The Roots - Home Grown!
    Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
    Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane - Live at Carnegie Hall

    would like to have been better:

    Alicia Keys - Unplugged
    Beck - Guero
    The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
    Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (though Jon Brion's production was MUCH better)
    Common - Be
    Blackalicious - The Craft
    Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Face the Truth
    The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan


    Coldplay - X&Y
    Sigur Ros - Takk...


    yay for:

    Beck - GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix EP)
    Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit
  • Best of 2005

    Dic 2 2005, 10:58 di Matrikel

    It is (kind of) complete:
    My "best of 2005" music list as to follow my radioshow monday the 14th of november / last edit 23rd.
    Two categories: The stuff put out in 2005, and the stuff discovered or rediscovered in 2005.

    In no partiqular order

    Stuff put out in 2005:
    Dwight Trible & the Life Force Trio - Love is The Answer (album) on Ninjatune
    Laurant Garnier - The Cloud Making Machine (album) Not house - more like wierd blue electronica shit.
    Jamie Lidell - Multiply (album) on Warp
    Amerie - One Thing (THAT BREAK!)
    Henrik Schwarz - All his work and remixes (but check out Leave my Head Alone Brain)
    Ty & Kori - Untitled
    Elmore Judd - Kinky
    Danny Breaks - Jellyfish (best instrumental hip-hop track of the year. For the dancefloor)
    Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (it has been raggae for some years, but this still kicks ass)
    Jay Dilla
    ...and any combination and alias of those (Madvillan, DANGERDOOM, Quasimoto, Jaylib etc.)
    Steve Spacek - Dollar (Jay Dilla prod.)
  • Gorillaz Live In Manchester

    Nov 15 2005, 15:07 di Dhenry

    I've reviewed CD-s before but never a concert, and before getting even started I want to say that this was a challenge for me. I hope I managed well, but that is up to you to decide.

    Back in June 2005 when the first rumours for a Gorillaz performance started floating, it was good and bad news for me. Firstly I was thrilled because such and even is a cool thing and I was happy for it happening. But then again, I was really frustrated by the thought that this would be it - 5 nights (originally 7) in a city in England, which is literally a 1000 miles away. Getting from that point to the moment when I was infront of the Opera House in Manchester on Saturday, 5th November at 7.30PM was unbeliavable. Meeting up with great people before (and after) the show was incredible as well, believe me. Briish people are just great! We chatted for a while really enjoying ourselves and then...

    At around 9PM, the lights went down. On the right balcony, appeared the puppets - 2-D and Murdoc. …
  • Reject False Icons?

    Nov 13 2005, 20:41 di Dhenry

    I haven't written anything here lately, so I figured I'd do a short story to tell everyone throuh a subcultural movement we have in music at the moment. My Gorillaz review is coming soon, Tuesday latest.

    Reject False Icons - a subcultural movement started by the people behind Gorillaz. Gorillaz as a concept was made to be a pop-band where you won't care if the lead singer is gay or who the bass-guy is married to, simply because the people don't excist. Gorillaz tries to draw attention away from the musicians and get the attention to the music.

    So what do you do to get your message really through? You get the best collaborators that work towards the same direction to collaborate. It may be the man performing behind the mask - MF DOOM, It might be De La Soul, the cure for anyone who has heard too much Fitty. It might be the man who has suffered a lot because people cared more about his personal life than his music - mr. Ike Turner fits that description well. …
  • The Mouse & The Mask

    Ott 8 2005, 11:27 di evilai

    There's nary an MC as prolific while being consistently "dope" as the one MF DOOM ("Definition: super villain, a killer who loves children"). And hot-shit producer Danger Mouse has been on a roll since that whole Grey Album fiasco, more recently taking the reins for Automator in Gorillaz. So why in the good lord's name should these two forces not take a cue from the Wu and form "like Voltron"? Perhaps because two men does not a Voltron make. Or does it just make Li'l Voltron?

    It looks like we're about to find out. Whispers have been wafting on the hip-hop winds for some time now, but finally the news is official: October 11th will mark the release of Dangerdoom: The Mouse and the Mask, a co-release between Epitaph Records and Adult Swim. Wait, what's the connection with the Cartoon Network's most popular feature? Well, it's weirdly cross-promotional. According to the press release, the record will feature voices and skits from shows like "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Sealab 2021". …
  • Here begins the TEMPLE OF DOOM!!

    Ott 4 2005, 7:59 di abend

    I've decided to consecrate my last.fm blog in the name of the lyrical prowess of Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah aka Zev Love X of KMD aka Danger Doom aka Madvillain aka Metal Fingers aka MF DOOM & MF Grimm.

    There are so many dope lines flowing from everything he touches that it is the least I can do...

    Thanks to rPoBep for prompting me to provide the exhaustive list of Doom aliases.
  • gayness

    Ott 2 2005, 3:32 di RADCOOLNESS

    journals are gyaMF DOOM