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Fredrik Nilsson is the musician, DJ and producer who is behind the noise project METEK since 1983 and he currently lives in Malmo (Sweden). But METEK is not an static formule to make noise and more noise, but change (sometimes a lot) from sound really hrash and hard to ambient, drone or space landscapes. Apart the musician has also produced: glitch, electronic, techno, power noise, experimental, etc. At date he has published 40 albums and and several splits splits next to other projects such as: NRYY, Soma, RedSk, Earth Incubator, Fascist Razorback, Razxca, Zreen Toyz, Lackthrow, Ego Death, Jan-M. Iversen, Black Madonna, Doki Doki… and many more. He has also been running b-side projects and “secondary” projects like: Incesthora, Elinor, 0301 or GAS, in addition to continuing with his task as a deejay. Another good qualities you have as a person (especially for his audience) is that 80% of his discography is exposed free download to everybody, without putting prices or profits, if not the opposite. In fact it has always declared Fredrik deeply a kind of "anarchist" and does not believe in the laws of the Market and the State… but always in good music.

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