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  • Avatar for Shim1337
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    Criminally underrated slaps
  • Avatar for median31
    pretty underrated guy he could claim for himself.
  • Avatar for Jazsi
    Classic is dope.
  • Avatar for leorobinson
    only half a million plays? new album is solid.
  • Avatar for pex
    MED!!! <3
  • Avatar for discowurm
    can't hold on ♥
  • Avatar for xmotsetchosesx
  • Avatar for Skerfes
    Feeling the new album.
  • Avatar for Trautkidd
  • Avatar for apryz
    can't hold on the beat is real shit!!!"!
  • Avatar for elcone3
    new album is great. [2]
  • Avatar for OO78h
    word, some real bangers on it
  • Avatar for AK714
    new album is great.
  • Avatar for Aaroneepap
    Classic with Talib is such a sick track.
  • Avatar for lemonaded
    Anyone know where I can find Medical card? I looked on Amazon to no avail. :[
  • Avatar for tedi7
    BYH 3 damnnnn
  • Avatar for ZipZapRap
  • Avatar for alex93nigga
    cool dude
  • Avatar for Goooners
  • Avatar for jay-z33
    bang that shit out!!!
  • Avatar for ldexterldesign
  • Avatar for AkilitheOne
    MED's Bang Ya Head III Mixtape is now availabe at
  • Avatar for NoSleepForADay
    Someone wanna sort me out with that Push Comes To Shove album? The new mixtape put me on him.
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    wicked shit
  • Avatar for growingupagain
    the new mixtape (bang ya head III) is great!
  • Avatar for Graphysiquez
  • Avatar for street_dawg
    MEDical Card is ill
  • Avatar for iMurk
    That MEDical Card track has been on repeat for ages now. MED and Madlib bringing some HEAT.
  • Avatar for kankick
    this skeud is real dope
  • Avatar for ifake
    classic dope
  • Avatar for Goooners
    take in classic with him and talib kweli! tune!
  • Avatar for ToXiChNiY
    he's so fucking serious
  • Avatar for street_dawg
  • Avatar for Benjin7
    mad respect for mc'n for madlib, show was off the hook.
  • Avatar for mmmonty
    Can't Hold On drillz ) good want to see him alive in russia
  • Avatar for Mikhail781
    Anyone know where I can download Bang Ya Head + Time For Re-Up?
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    sure sho prod. by oh no is great
  • Avatar for TJass
    New Song ("hold U") is dope!
  • Avatar for sunnysmile
    agreed with the bottom comment..
  • Avatar for Tusks_
    madlibs beats on wpcts are big but meds delivery is poooor
  • Avatar for vv0ytekk
    Już zamieściłem wersję polską ;)
  • Avatar for Mikhail781
    He got that killa flow. Can't wait for the new shit.
  • Avatar for SengokuNoMaou
    Love the guys work and anyone who hasn't heard it needs to find Push Comes to Shove.
  • Avatar for staytooned
    yep, its okay....good buy though.
  • Avatar for tedi7
    anyone heard about "Time To Re-Up" 2008 album ?
  • Avatar for LLCoolD
    "get back" is such a banger! blaze and med both with nothing but heat!
  • Avatar for billybigtime
    you should get his 'Bang Ya Head, Singles and Guest Shots' album...bangers on it.
  • Avatar for vietnow
    Push Comes to Shove is great
  • Avatar for Jizzmond
    Rhymes with an l >>>>>


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