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There are several artists with the name MD:

1. Jaakko Manninen, sometimes called kschzt, from Finland. Previously an active member of the demoscene (as Mellow-D / MD of Five Musicians), founder of Scene.org and member of TPOLM. He has two albums out as md on Merck Records, and two on Blasé as kschzt. Residing in Barcelona, Spain.

2. An Indie Rock band from Panama City, Panama active since 2005, originally known as Middle of Dfx. In 2007, they won third place in the Panamarock contest where they were able to share stage with groups such as: UNDEROATH, MxPx, RX BANDITS, HASTE THE DAY, GWEN STACY, STILL REMAINS, TumbleDown, CARAJO, THERMO, AUSTIN TV, CAGE 9, REKIEM, RUFIO and BOUNCING SOULS. They released one EP titled "Todo Empieza Aqui" in 2009 and their first album "Atentamente Yo" is to be released in 2013.

3. Mark Adams, an electronic solo artist from Fogo Island, Newfoundland And Labrador, now currently residing in St. Johns. Since 2005, Mark Adams has been creating many instrumental albums and
with each, has been turning in different musical and artistic directions.

His debut record, “Remnants (on the 909)” (2006) is herald as a mixed-bag of 909-sample concoctions with brilliant production.

A follow up, entitled "Supply" (2007) took a strange turn into experimental, brainy soundscapes and electro-wonderments, inspired by New Age music.

“VERB” (2009) took heavy-dance influence and came out as a pop mix tape of epic proportions, all over the course of 18 tracks in a colorful meandering of electronic music samples.

Some small releases appear in the form of the “Resistor remixes EP” (2008), a batch of impressive remixes of a track called “Resistor” as done by local mixers and a b-sides compilation titled “Rewind the 909” (2009) that gets tracks and remixes from the Remnants recording sessions.

MD has released a new single titled “Midnight Modernity” (2010) that infuses asian woodwind ensembles with dirty hip hop beats, matched with a familiar vocal sample. MD is currently recording for a new project, tentatively titled “Episode”, which may see a studio album release in 2011.

3. Belgian metal band. Recently released their first full album entitled "Embracing // The Disease". Music can be described as an energetic combination between thrash metal and punk rock/rock 'n roll.
Samples can be checked out at MySpace.

4. Swedish punk band. Released a 7" and one LP. The track "Manisch Depressiv" from the band's single was later included in "Killed By Death #7" compilation album.

5. Panamanian alternative rock band. Their first album was released in 1983.

6. Latvian Underground hip hop band.


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