• Soul/Jazz Artist U-Nam To Release His 3rd Album UNANIMITY

    23 Feb 2009, 01:57 by musicdish

    "The Future Of Smooth Jazz"
    Following the success of his highly acclaimed album "Back From the 80's" (Trippin'N'Rhytm 2007) which featured last years hit single "Street Life" ( Top 3 US Billboard Charts Contemporary Jazz ), U-Nam is back with a unique conceptual style that will continue to engage Smooth Jazz Fans as well as capture the hearts of Soul and R&B enthusiasts.

    The album title "Unanimity" is U-Nam's own musical manifestation of six key ingredients :

    1 - Creativity : using everyday life experience to express yourself and communicate to others
    2 - Humanity : showing love , peace and respect to the people
    3 - Integrity : being true to yourself and your art
    4 : Originality : being unique and different
    5 - Sensibility : sharing passion, love and emotions through music and playing
    6 - Sincerity : playing with all your heart and soul

    "UNANIMITY" is an unexpected and refreshing mix of Neo-Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop & R&B. …
  • 2008 in music (Hitlist & comments)

    18 Nov 2008, 08:48 by orkestrark

    This is mid-November, it is almost safe to publish this... and I have other things to do after. But I still want the tradition to be alive. And for the second year, the list is mostly based on my airplay.



    1. El Guincho: Alegranza (Psychedelic electro / Alternative)
    2. Shearwater: Rook (Rock) [TX, US]
    3. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago (Rock) [WI, US]
    4. Robyn: Robyn (Pop)
    5. Black Mountain: In The Future (Hard rock) [BC, CA]
    6. Health: HEALTH//DISCO (Metal - remixes-) [CA, US]
    7. Steinski: What Does It All Mean? Retrospective 1983-2006 (hip-Hop) [NY, US]
    8. Plush: Fed (Rock) [IL, US]
    9. Shugo Tokumaru: Exit (Rock / Folk)
    10. The Dodos: Visiter (Rock / Folk) [CA, US]

    This is the first time I ever listened to a positive psychedelic thing, and El Guincho is all about this. Take your time to be happy, completely frenzy. Alegranza. Then a big surprise, I didn't like "Palo Alto", but I'm completely hooked to "Rook". …
  • Bands I've Seen Live...

    17 Nov 2008, 16:36 by RoisinHan

    Allah-Las (Green Man 2013)
    Alice Cooper (MK Bowl, 3/6/06)
    Alife (Northampton Soundhaus, 12/9/05)
    The Answer (Brighton Concorde 2, 17/3/12)
    Aphex Twin (ATP December 2007)
    Aqualung (Birmingham NIA, 8/12/03)
    The Arcade Fire (Glastonbury 2007 - Leeds 2007 - Leeds 2010)
    Arctic Monkeys (Brixton Academy, 17/2/06 - Glastonbury 2007 - Brixton Academy 26/9/09 - Reading 2009 - Glastonbury 2013 - Finsbury Park, 24/5/14)
    Arthur Beatrice (Oslo, Hackey, 8/4/14)
    Ash (Leeds 2007)
    Asian Dub Foundation (Boomtown 2012)
    Athlete(Brixton Academy, 23/4/05 - Glastonbury 2005)
    Basement Jaxx (Glastonbury 2005)
    Bat for Lashes (Victoria Park, 24/5/08)
    Battles (Oxford Zodiac, 4/06 - Field Day 2007 - Leeds 2007 - Glastonbury 2011 - Latitude 2012)
    Baxter Dury (Latitude 2012)
    B. Dolan (Wolverton Crauford Arms, 12/11/11 - Koko, 27/2/12)
    Ben Folds (Glastonbury 2008)
    Beth Rowley (Leeds Irish Centre, 17/5/07)
    Bibio (The Garage, 27/5/11)
    Bic Runga (V Festival 2006)
  • Listen to Rap Music

    19 Sep 2008, 05:45 by zziii

  • Birthday Groink Playlist, 30/7/08

    1 Aug 2008, 02:03 by JyotiMishra

    Birthdays are a time for sombre reflection. A time to assay your life, sorting out the glittery bits from the shittery bits. Yesterday was my 42nd birthday, a time for creaking memories of better times to seep out, decades circling like autumn leaves, wheezing harmonia of regret.

    Fuck that! I DJed instead!

    I didn't make a big deal of it before the event, in fact only my closest mates knew I'd deliberately booked DJing on my birthday evening. I didn't want cards, I wanted to play people lovely new music, to see them smile and nod their heads or play stupid air metal guitar.

    And that all happened! :-D

    It could *easily* have gone tits-up but it didn't. Loads of people turned out last night for the second Bzangy Groink at Bar Lisi. I got requests that made me happy (ie, not anything in the current charts), peeps came and asked me what tracks were and it was everything I could have wanted from a birthday.

  • Live Report 3 jours

    26 Jul 2008, 15:25 by Zoen

    Ven. 4 jui. – Solidays

    1er jour

    C’est à l’aube (environs 10 heure du matin) que la troupe de Berruyers se retrouve sur le parking désert du Pat à Pain de Bourges. Depuis mon réveil, j’ai dans la tête le refrain obsédant de la chansons « Bonne Humeur » de la Chanson du Dimanche, qui joue le dimanche justement aux Solidays. Je parvient avec une grande facilité à l’introduire dans la tête de tous, et ça sera notre hymne durant toute la durée du festival, retour compris : « t’as pas perdu ta bonne humeur meur meur…toujours le rois des déconneurs neurs neurs… ». Au son de ces quelques paroles, c’est après une bonne demi heure d’arrachage de cheveux pour réussir à faire rentrer les affaires des 8 festivaliers dans deux voitures dont une Twingo, que nous prenons enfin la direction de Paris, « la plus belle ville du monde ».
    Après trois heures de route poussive et une bonne heure pour trouver le coin de camping gratuit que nous a indiqué HL, nous arrivons enfin à destination…
  • Solidays Festival

    24 Jul 2008, 14:10 by BakerlooTheReal

    Fr., 4. Jul. – Solidays

    So, there I was then, the lonely Dutchman who has never been to Paris before, my French sucks, but I was curious and stayed at someone's place through couchsurfing.
    I made my way with the metro to the Hippodrome and stayed in the cue in the sun for some hours. But hey, I am in Paris, nothing to worry about! Finally I was on the campus, overwhelmed by the weather and the areal, this perfect spot close to Paris and though in a green environment. Exploring the terrein, I found a band playing at it's and, Girls in Hawaii giving a relaxed concert, good to chill next to it on the grass.
    Afterwards I made my way to a more central stage where Nneka was about to play. I only read about here, giving me somewhat of an idea. But when she started I first got an idea like "what an arrogant little woman".... Though, after only one song, she convinced me... She's one of the best artists, living for her music, forcing people to listen…
  • Credit Where Credit Is Due

    2 Mar 2008, 07:03 by TGKN

    Here I'm just going to go through my top 50 artists and credit the people who introduced me to this music.

    1 Aesop Rock: CGaff
    2 Sweatshop Union: *pats self on back*
    3 Lupe Fiasco: CGaff
    4 Living Legends: self?
    5 Jay-Z: CGaff/self
    6 Gorillaz: KMon
    7 Blue Scholars: TPol (Art Class Villain)
    8 Zion I & The Grouch: self?
    8 CunninLynguists: TPol
    10 Deltron 3030: Starcraft Return
    11 dead prez: self
    12 Hieroglyphics: CGaff/self
    13 El-P: TPol
    14 The Coup: self
    14 Visionaries: self
    16 One Be Lo: Starcraft Return
    17 DL Incognito: self
    18 Jedi Mind Tricks: TPol
    19 MC Solaar: self
    20 L.A. Symphony: self (via TPol, see below)
    21 Pigeon John: TPol
    21 Y Society: Starcraft Return
    23 Fettes Brot: KMon
    24 Soul Position: Starcraft Return?
    25 Army of the Pharaohs: CGaff/TPol
    25 Zion I: self
    27 Swollen Members: self/GChiesa
    27 Freundeskreis: self
    29 The Roots: TPol
    30 Handsome Boy Modeling School: self?
    31 Fort Minor: self?
    32 Blu & Exile: Starcraft Return/The Abbott
  • 2007 Top & Anti-Top Albums!

    7 Jan 2008, 20:32 by jkblackrose

    ok, I like charts and making my charts of music, so here are my favorite albums of 2007:

    10. Дельфин - Юность
    This is rock, or something like that. I couldn't decide between this and few other albums, but let's go with this one... Pretty good depressing album, can be listened to as a background.
    9. Punk TV - Music For The Broken Keys
    Indie electronic. One of the very few Russian indie electronic bands, especially good ones. Respect ^.^
    8. Cyber Space - In The Beginning
    Spacesynth. A style not many people know and quite limited anyway. This album is easily one of the best in the style.
    7. Manu Chao - La Radiolina
    Latin, rock, his special style. Probably my favorite album of his overall. "Rainin In Paradize" is a hit of my 2007 year. However, Mano Negra is still better.
    6. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
    Rock, britpop, indie. This album is far better than the previous one. Just accept it as fact.
    5. Benjamin Biolay - Trash Yeye
  • november mixtape: world music

    24 Nov 2007, 00:53 by seelebrennt

    because music is the international language and all that. check it!

    1. Catatonia - international velvet
    2.Basshunter - boten anna (radio edit)
    3. Einsturzende Neubauten - der kuss
    4. Mediaveal Baebes - i am eve
    5. Gruff Rhys - ffwydriad yn y ffurfafen
    6. Serge Gainsbourg - ballade de melody nelson
    7. Bebel Gilberto - sem contecao
    8.Kent - hur jag fick dig att alska mig
    9. Sigur Ros - gong
    10. Asian Kung-fu Generation - world apart
    11. Vapnet - farjemansleden
    12. Meiko Kaji - ingabana
    13. appelbaum & hamlin - ach, anastasia!
    14. Violaine - j'ai des problemes decidement
    15. MC Solaar - la musique adoucit les meurs
    16. Asobi Seksu - i'm happy but you don't like me.