• Lyrics Game #23

    Mar 25 2007, 9:43 di thoseguiltyeyes


    1. You want some bread now? Just promise me you'll never make me believe you. It's true: no one hears you in this room.
    - It's Warmer In The Basement

    2. Just wait one minute more because my heart is halfway torn and you're already gone.
    - Almost There, Going Nowhere

    3. Subjects are thrown around the room; looking for the ones that got away. I'm feeling this soft anticipiation of the confrontation I won't make. But how do we do, when we turned into something else entirely? We fake it. Oh, I wanted it so desperately to be real.
    - Seed

    4. And when you said forever, did you mean it to be true, or was it another tale from you?
    - You Tell a Tale

    5. When the words are aged, the war is waged and you'll watch me blow. I can be your powder keg if you can be my fuse.
    - Temper Temper

    6. Now I'm asking you, I'm begging you, just so everyone knows, or daring you to say something original.
    - Save You

    7. Case open, case shut; but you could pay to close it like a casket.
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    btw good song:: Runaway

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