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Cyrillic: М8Л8ТХ

Alexey – vocal
Pavel – guitars
Artemiy – bass
Ivan – drums, back-vocal

Where the whirlwinds from bottomless depths were plaited with a solar wind of mighty heavens, where the boundless wastelands of Russland by breath of the woods give life to the Heroes, where Hammer beats out Roars of Aryan Thunder from clouds. There from uncertainty, that covers ancient woods by darkness, NS Black Metal division “M8L8TH” enters in the last fight on the Earth, fight for a place under the Sun, war, whose image will stiffen in eternity.

Division was generated in Tver by winter 2002 - 2003 ãã. by Alexey (vocal) and Mihail (bass) is primary under other name. Drummer of group there was Ivan - a leader of Tver Black Metal act “HAGL”. June 8, 2003 was written first demo, and July 5 carried out the first storm attack on the Tver stage. The following of half-year “M8L8TH” were carried out with break through siege of hatred subhumans and treacherys of surrenders on ways to a Sacred Victory of Truth of the Fathers.

By autumn of 2003 in division was mobilized new sturmer - Pavel (guitar). And by spring of 2004 due to the help of the comrades from Moscow was written an album “By the Wing of Black”, issued in the same summer on STELLAR WINTER.

May 22 “M8L8TH” has acted with angry National-Socialist propagation on Black Metal a festival again in Tver…

And till autumn of 2004 of a roar from underground “M8L8TH ” was not audible outside…

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  • Gabriel_AT

    How is possible be a slavic and nazi?

    3 hours ago Reply
  • flaksunking

    No videos allowed?

    9 Jul 1:21pm Reply
  • zimorodok

    6 Jul 12:39pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    The reason marxism is so heavily into economy is that economy is the one and only reason to have societies in the first place. Humans (as you noted earlier) aren't made for identifying with people they don't know. That they do anyway is thanks to economy.

    29 Jun 9:40am Reply
  • aggroroofer

    What, if it isn't a bloodbath it's stable? Several member state going insolvent but for the intervention of other states (which was against the EU charta) is not stable, especially if those states are now on a German diet, laying off and selling like crazy. btw, if it wasn't for economic reasons, I wonder what the US and EU want with the Ukraine.

    29 Jun 9:34am Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Yeah, this kindergarten shit you've started. Notice, that it's you who came to a shoutbox of people of opposite views, trying to spread this childish trolling stuff. I don't waste my time on such things.

    28 Jun 10:37pm Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Stable as fuck - did you notice any huge social riots, civil wars, revolutions maybe? None happened, people live quite normal and secure in general. Fifty million poor in US? Man, go visit Russia or Ukraine to see poor people, and even they are living stable lifes - not a single huge commotion because of economics. Last big badaboom in Urkaine has political and national reasons. Also, you really need to live next to immigrants to hate them? Nonsence.

    28 Jun 10:35pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    "the last word", really, this kindergarden shit? You could have left off after my second shout, admitting my possible error, no you had to gloat...

    28 Jun 2:39pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    EU is stable? Didn't you notice the little finacial crisis? Ever heard of MAI or TTIP, trying to set corporations equal with nations? The US inner stability (aside from insolvencies of big cities and about fifty million poor) is largely supported by aggressive foreign policy - didn't you notice the wars? And yes, many people hate immigration. But most of those aren't even close to concentrations of immigrants, look at East Europe with strong ultranational movements but barely any ethnic diversity other than the for slavic nations usual interspersal. In Germany at least xenophobia is noticably propagated by main stream media. A third of our population thinks we're feeding Greeks with the money the banks actually get.

    28 Jun 2:35pm Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    You're just too pompous to leave without saying the last word. Funny fact, especially because you're shouting everywhere how intellectual you are. As for ad hominem - I just reflect your behaviour, you started all this when came here trolling. Of course I encounter economics often, but it's not the reason to limit the whole process with this single fact. We've got plenty of other problems, among the most important: racial, ethno-cultural, even moral. Also, I don't limit my worldview only with the problem of multiculturalism (one of the greatest threats, anyway). Man, if you're personally ok with immigration - go love your precious muds somewhere else, many people are sick of this invasion. Why the fuck should I tolerate those, who don't belong to my native territory? As for stable system - look at the EU, they are pretty stable for a long time. Or look at the US - the main pillar of stable society of consumers. This situation is far away from 'orgies of destruction'.

    28 Jun 2:08pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    And in the wake of such orgies of destruction come people whose wealth of arguments consist of ... "multi-cultural crap" and "foreign infiltration" period. --- btw. Nothing works with you, you're merely an object lesson in fanaticism and an exercise in patience.

    28 Jun 10:22am Reply
  • aggroroofer

    Well, they're making profit on everything, but I have a single colleague and one boss, we can just about live, profits go elsewhere. As for ad hominem, look at your shouts, hypocrite. And single-minded? Coming from someone who says "multi-cultural" every time it opens its mouth. You encounter economy every time you leave your home or turn on your TV or PC. Whereas immigration hasn't got a lot do with most problems of modern Europe. How can a system based on accumulation be stable let alone solid? Why all the advertising - because the markets are far to sated for our potential to produce. Hence unemployment, hence struggles for redistribution, hence e.g. Ukraine. Then there's the financial market whose huge bubbles are anything but stable, ask Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus etc.

    28 Jun 10:12am Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Btw, I bet they're doing huge profit on construction business in Germany. How does it feel working for bloody capitalist scum, hehe?

    28 Jun 12:17am Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Ad hominem tactics - lack of arguments? Won't do the trick here - I don't care about your personality. Also, my aim is to show hypocrisy and sabotage nature of so called 'anti-fascists' and you're really aiding me a lot with all your totalitarian talks about prohibition, 'improper' groups of people, etc.

    28 Jun 12:17am Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    It's you who limit every problem with the question of economics, not me. Narrow minded marxism. Immigrants and huge amount of multicultural propaganda are the main plague in modern Europe - open up your eyes and visit Sweden, or France, or even Russia. Of course war has many profits, but nothing brings more profit (stabil and solid) than a huge, stable, rich and indifferent society brainwashed with the idea of unlimited consuming. Yeah, yeah, where can we go without, oh my gut, AUSCHWITZ horrors when talking to modern German xD

    28 Jun 12:10am Reply
  • aggroroofer

    Even when mostly trying to insult or discredit me, as you apparently do with any 'enemy', you could do it at least competently. I help build houses, few things more useful - what do you do, besides drinking? You hide everything about yourself - shame, paranoia or both?

    27 Jun 10:10pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    Stop frothing man. Firstly, saying capitalism is one single problem is like saying the human body is one single field of medicine. Secondly, anti-white law system?! Where do you live?! And immigrants (those that don't drown) are only the tiniest bit of your target. Third: Who makes more profit than arms industry? German defence policy officially dictates the goals of securing resources and markets, the US practise this most overtly; war has many profits. Who do think cash in on slave labour in nazi camps?

    27 Jun 10:09pm Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Also, I bet you should concentrate on something useful: go aid your proletariat brothers from Africa - bloody capitalists infecting them with new ebola virus right now. You're not needed here.

    27 Jun 5:19pm Reply
  • M8L8TKH

    Yeah, it works both ways indeed. And it's you who actually started all this offended shouting here, trying to troll people. Feels uncomfortable that you can't prohibit views you hate? Freedom of speech works both ways, right as you said. You call multicultural society (with full goverment support and tens of thousands of immigrants protected by anti-white law system) weakest? You're really not from the real world man, with all your concentrating on one single problem (capitalism) instead of a compex of problems. Typical marxist behavior. And yeah, there are no wars started by Nazis now. And if one will happen - it will be a war of extermination, while your hated capitalists get their profit mostly from making this world a peaceful tolerant place full of brainless consumers whose main goal is to buy more and more stuff.

    27 Jun 2:25pm Reply
  • aggroroofer

    This really isn't complicated: Freedom of speech means exactly that I have the right to shout against nazis, it always works both ways. Your incessant whining about freedom of speech means that you want me not to answer. And I don't aim for the weakest, most obvious or convenient 'targets', as do you heroes. Which means I at least know where my enemies are; they're sitting behind you, are immensly rich, profit from the wars you propagate and laugh at your superiority complex. (And 'great empires' collapse because they're great, not because of racial or cultural interbreeding.)

    26 Jun 6:52pm Reply
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