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  • Avatar for rhinowing
    @KM1994 every brian eno song or possibly treefingers
  • Avatar for KM1994
    This sounds so familiar to something else and it's killing me not knowing what it is
  • Avatar for darkthrone
    f***'in epic!
  • Avatar for transparentman
    so some music does transcend time..
  • Avatar for Hamso92
    reminds me of the organ solo in dead man, from neil young
  • Avatar for mrJames05
    omg i love this
  • Avatar for owl21
    At 1:40 is like, God himself is entering the church. Epic stuff.
  • Avatar for Stugard
    It's like a wall of sound. A wall of amazing, awe-inspiring sound.
  • Avatar for sidcupSalty
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    Epic noises.
  • Avatar for _ZephyrSong_
  • Avatar for OO78h
    7 years later and this song still fucks with my mind
  • Avatar for bjarkebech
    This is one of the very few times where 'epic' is completely apt.
  • Avatar for PollysParadise
    lol the irony
  • Avatar for nattydagger
    don't like it, pretty annoying.
  • Avatar for LeroyP
  • Avatar for aarghapanda
    I love how this suddenly GOES FUCKING EPIC.
  • Avatar for shittydisco
    Goosebumps. Everytime.
  • Avatar for vihreakuolema
    I can completely relate to this song causing tears.
  • Avatar for haig51
    even better than being 'in church'
  • Avatar for placid1205
    what a massive song
  • Avatar for lovelikesummer
  • Avatar for spinningcannon
    First song in a long time to make my eyes tear up. Those organ chords are simply gorgeous.
  • Avatar for Novi-Lee
  • Avatar for Goyaresque
    This song sounds as good as this first day I first heard it. Exquisitely moving and with such a heart-rending poignancy...
  • Avatar for bazzyh
    god time i'm in a church, i'm gonna find the organ and play this mofo!
  • Avatar for xStasV
    amazing song....
  • Avatar for youburymeinblk
    this is my fucking song!!!!!!!!! i cry everytime i listen to this one song, it touched my heart when i first listened to it and will always be one of my favorite song.
  • Avatar for nstepman
    Amazingly layered in Luciano's Fabric 41 mix
  • Avatar for bazzyh
    nobody making music as good as this right now
  • Avatar for Heavenlywaters
    top five songs for me are 1.On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain 2.Teen Angst 3.Beauties Can die 4.Gone 5.Slowly
  • Avatar for etifupleez
    just found this band on best new music on pitchfork. What are your favorite songs by these guys?
  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    beautiful, but the cyann and ben version of it is the best. nicely used in Stranger Than Fiction
  • Avatar for noiseproject
    ..bring the noise project!!
  • Avatar for AMBNTMAN
    found M83 on myspace, awsome takes me away from this shithole!!! a
  • Avatar for Apollofury
    i hate church, donate money, and more please :(
  • Avatar for MonsBrutis
    this song makes me want to day dream

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