Statement regarding events at M83's performance at the Wexner Center, Columbus, OH…

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"Statement regarding events at M83's performance at the Wexner Center, Columbus, OH on the 18th July 2009. I've been thinking about the events that happened at the end of show in Columbus last Saturday. Time and distance has given me the space to realize that my actions were clearly inappropriate. I …

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  • cowparsley

    This is really all about lawyers and litigation. In a sane world, you would have every right to invite the audience on stage at your own risk and the audience would understand that going on stage was at their own risk and so on. The venue would have nothing to do with it as they were only renting you the room. Actually, I really think that most people understand this but lawyers are unscrupulous bandits who profit from the misfortunes of others and make normal human interaction fraught with difficulties. So what ought to have been a celebration got turned into a scuffle because the venue were scared of getting sued. Very sad.

    October 2009
  • Diabeticus

    Well, it's not just lawyers who are unscrupulous. It is also people who hire lawyers. That is, some of the members of the audience. It's like guns. Guns don't kill people , people kill people. And a lawyer is a gun in this case. Lawyers don't sue people for a quick buck, people hire lawyers to help them sue other people for a quick buck. People take no responsibility for their own actions and so, always look for someone to blame. that being said, it doesn't seem very safe to invite the audience onto a stage that may or may not support their weight.

    October 2009
  • Diabeticus

    And I generally agree with what you say, cowparsley. I was mostly commenting on the "lawyers are unscrupulous bandits" comment.

    October 2009
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