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  • djpmk

    locked in sound boom....

    October 2014
  • wishlight

    What can I get for 10 dollar? ANYTHING YOU WANT

    May 2014
  • d0l

    heyheyheyheyheyhey heyheyheyhey, I SUCK CACK

    December 2013
  • poisoncrackers

    "[Foreign content]" lol.

    July 2013
  • Xiaonanigans

    what can I get for 10 dollar?!

    July 2013
  • djmuaddib

    Yeh what can I get fo' ten dolla? ANYTING U WAANT.

    June 2013
  • viitoria

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, hey, hey, hey, hey (Isengard)

    May 2013
  • CookiePolice


    January 2013
  • nailxbnny

    <3 Marry me M.I.A

    January 2013
  • mfwnoface

    10 dollar seems pretty reasonable

    January 2013
  • courtofmiracles

    was a maneater

    September 2012
  • courtofmiracles


    September 2012
  • No1SuperBrianMo

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [7] ♥

    July 2012
  • otaviozera

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [6] ♥

    July 2012
  • BionicToxic

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [5] ♥

    June 2012
  • human-nature

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [4] ♥

    June 2012
  • msam72

    loleetah was a maneatah.

    January 2012
  • DeusEluh

    Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, hey hey.

    January 2012
  • CookiePolice

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [3] ♥

    October 2011
  • arrypottuh

    Full Metal Jacket mafas!

    July 2011
  • dbwn87

    holy shit, this song!

    February 2011
  • vocm10

    Anything you want.... Everything you want....

    January 2011
  • Beatnik24

    And what can I get for 10 Dolla? Any-ting you want!

    December 2010
  • ohsolucky

    dolla bride from sri lanka, found erself a yokshirrr banka

    December 2010
  • I_See_sound

    Peace out she'll kill ya like Uma! Fuck yea, she likes Kill Bill

    November 2010
  • trent576

    i had forgotten how awesome this song is!

    October 2010
  • BrYaN94

    simply amazing! ♥

    September 2010
  • TCDB

    ...and sucked on a lollipop

    September 2010
  • WallasOliveira

    Yea, what can I get for 10 dollar? ANYYTHING YOU WANT

    August 2010
  • Astro-Cannon


    July 2010
  • Lando_Land

    How come nobody told me how amazing Arular was and how amazing this freaking song is, it's like I'm totally hooked now! <3

    July 2010
  • riippumato

    i love this album and this track.

    June 2010
  • vocm10

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey. [2]

    May 2010
  • rrrrrmmmmm

    need a visa, got with a geez-a. need some money, paid 'im with 'er knees up. year later, started to ease up. got her own way, shouted out "see ya."

    March 2010
  • passerby-

    wowowowowowoowowow anything you want

    March 2010
  • ameriemimarie

    hey hey hey hey oh oh hey hey hey hey.

    February 2010
  • Fjallman

    man, M.I.A. had more life experience at 20 than I'll probably ever have. Supreme lyricist!

    December 2009
  • shutup_caf


    December 2009
  • DJQuietly

    This whole album fuckin' -bangs- with a couple of 12's. One of my favorite tracks, right here.

    December 2009
  • MixedCharts

    Peace out. she'll kill you like uma <3<3<3 fuckin good song is like heroin with crystal meth so addictive.

    August 2009
  • CosmicFugue

    This song keeps pulling me back in like a tractor beam.

    July 2009
  • gabspeck

    She skipped away to the shop She found she didn't have enough She clocked him looking right at her And sucked on a lollipaaawwp :D

    June 2009
  • Jetkidd


    April 2009
  • kuhuidfshjdfsuz

    10 dollar is way better than 20 dollar i hate 20 dollar the weakest song of kala but the rest is amazing

    April 2009
  • Starless_night

    I just realized on Kala there is a 20$... wonder if that was planned.

    April 2009
  • w_1_7

    "What can i get for 10 dolla? < Anything you want! < Fuck gold she was Platinum digga!" have to be my favorite lyrics lol

    March 2009
  • aixime

    I cannot get tired of listening to this song. It's so great! :D *dances*

    February 2009
  • Dudecrush

    I wonder how many people (*cough*bimbo girls*cough*) singing along to this understand what it's about.

    December 2008
  • ohdearindeed

    Lolita was a man eater Clocked him like a taxi meter Fuck gold she was platinum digger

    November 2008
  • arrioch

    I like 20 Dollar better, probably cause i like Pixies.. But they are both great, as any other MIA's song, and they are just too different to be compared..

    August 2008