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Mötley Crüe

Too Young to Fall in Love (3:35)


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  • I love this song the video is very funny too haha ;) \\m/ <3
  • Love this song but the video just makes me laugh!
  • Masterpiece.
  • So good. Motley Crue's Vince Neil voice is beautiful; the whole band's great. [2]
  • A brilliant song.
  • New Glam/AOR Band Desperate Heart! http://www.facebook.com/desperateheartband Check Them Out!
  • CRUE!!!!! great track
  • back when the crue were just starting to explode onto the rock scene
  • Studio Version Please!!!!!
  • you're never too young to fall in love with Mötley Crüe ♥
  • you're never too young to fall in love with motley crue <3
  • Oh god, I fuckin' luv this song. Awesome for ever!
  • Love love love <3
  • i wasnt too young when i fell in love with this song!
  • Saw this tour at the Santa Monica Civic with Axe. There were 100 blistering hot chicks to every guy. Amazing night.
  • Raised with this song!
  • You say love is like dynamite!
  • @BIG-D313 lol uhhh I think you misunderstood what he was saying.
  • Saw MOTLEY CRUE on there CARNIVAL OF SINS TOUR hell of a show there one of favorite bands and always wear ther concert shirts !!!!!
  • @Cat Telefrodo, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! Saw them this summer with Poison and New York Dolls. AMAZING (with the exception of NY Dolls)! By the way, check out my GIF. What video is that from???
  • I cannot wait to see these guys live in December!!! Gonna be one of the best gigs ever! :D
  • love!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fuckin love this song
  • Nikki made everyone sit down before they did this song. He said "EVERYONE! SIT THE FUCK DOWN! YOU! BITCH WITH THE SIGN! SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!"
  • great song!
  • +++++++++++++++
  • @metaltyrant80, unpatriotic??? Who else has an album titled: Red White & Crue? STFU! These guys were jamin' this shit before you were even born.
  • Not liking this song or Motley Crue is distinctly unpatriotic....
  • Nikki & Tommy!!!!
  • Love the song... maybe not the live version so much though.
  • Great song & great album, but this is not the version that's on "Shout at the Devil"
  • always too young
  • Thought this was just OK at first...then that bitchin' solo snakes in...
  • Love it to listen to this song on V-ROCK.
  • First and only concert. The Girls Girls Girls tour AWESOME. LOVE the CRUE..........
  • WTF, vid not avaliable in my country.
  • best crue song ever
  • super great song of them , maybe one of the best of them sure!! CRUE RULES !! jc
  • great track. i agree jude.
  • Great breakup song.
  • old crue rocks
  • Everyone in the Crue are born rockstars...
  • Nikki Sixx is the best eva!
  • The-best-song-ever. ♥
  • great song!^^
  • Too young to fall in love -- translated: "let's just screw and I won't call you again." ha ha ha.....true! When you are young, you need to be a little bee buzzing around landing on as many flowers as you can. Pollenate!!! Don't worry, the flower will get over it!
  • Great song with memories from GTA vice city. And same here, usually i don't like mötley crue, but this on and live wire is quite nice.


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