• What I ought to have, but just don't (version 2.0)

    21 Aug 2007, 02:19 by quitepeculiar

    Whenever I step into a music store, there's this feeling akin to stepping into an animal shelter: you want to take 'em all home, but you just can't. In this case, I can't because I don't have the money as is for buying the two or three CDs I've got at the counter in the first place, much less all the little bastards I want--not because, you know, I want to be some crazy cat lady or something. I think I've got at least twenty more years before I start rockin' a bathrobe and fill a tiny apartment with 20-plus kitties.

    And they'll all have names.

    Anyhoo, here's a list of what I ought to have, but just haven't gotten around to getting.

    Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet: Hear that sound? That's the collective clicking of all my RMHH friends deleting me from their friends' lists. I could try and use the excuse of being seven or eight when this album came out, but that won't work. Instead, I'm coming clean and saying that nope, I don't have this in any format…
  • Recent Obsessions

    16 Jun 2006, 12:30 by thirdmango

    When I find something I often become obsessed with it. So here is a short list of my recent obsessions, in album form.

    Later That Day...

    The Craft

    Think Tank

    Joyful Rebellion


    Frances the Mute

    Another Morning, Another Pillows

    White Pepper

    That's all for now. Just thought I'd try this music posting thing out.