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    Someone let an SPD. oooh that smell. LOL!
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    max volume
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    So take another toke, have a blow for your nose. One more drink, fool, would drown you.
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    party hardy
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    The Grin :) Reaper
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    have seen them to many times to count, always a good show.
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    Cranking the volume all the way up is the only way to experience this song. If not, you're missing out.
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    This song is awesome. [2]
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    This song was written about guitarist Gary Rossington who back in the day drunkenly crashed his brand new Ford Torino into a tree,then a house..They had to postpone a tour because of his injuries..Ronnie and Allen wrote the song. The rest of the band weren't happy with Gary's drug and alcohol problems affecting the band..They all wanted to be clean and sober for this tour,drugs and alcohol were to be banned from the dressing rooms..But soon in 1977,we all know what happened next.....
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    One of my all time favourite songs. I like this better than Free Bird (which in some southern states is a capital offence).
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    patty sauce..your a fool you.
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    great song if you were alive back then and were aware of things this song does not glorify drugs just a fool just a fool !!!!!!!!!!
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    love that line "theres too much coke n too much smoke" Sounds like they had a great time!! :)
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    großartig !
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    Theres too much coke and too much smoke...Great Song...
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    It's the smell of DEATH...
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    Timeless but true cautionary caper!
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    Oak tree always in my way.
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    By the way, CasparFuk, Abkeda, etc. If you would just bother yourself to actually listen to the lyrics of this song before trashing it (a lot to ask, I know) you would have realized that this song does not glorify drugs but, in fact, warns you to stay the hell away from them.
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    Goddam, I love this song! (Even if I'm just a fool, just a fool, just a fool, just a fool - YEAH!!!!!)
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    better off dad rock than cock rock casper is an asshole!
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    CasparEsq - The thing that makes it 'cool' is the unforgettable riff, catchy chorus and nut-busting solo. Don't like it? Go away. No one will miss you.
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    love it RIP ronnie
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    Great song!!!!
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    Now you're cookin' with butta!
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    ♥ Lynyrd Skynyrd ♥
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    FUCK Whats that smell o its me bong " TOP SONG"
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    Sadly today it could be updated to..."The smell of 'meth's' around you"
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    Probably my favorite Skynyrd song!
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    I didn't even really know what that meant when I was first hearing it in the 70' I know what it all means...and it applies to so many more drugs now...sad
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    P U
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    Klasse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I give a horns up to LS and all there kick azz music!!!!
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    One word: Great
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    LOVE IT!!!!
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    This song brings back some good memories of great times!!! Sucks to grow
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    Ronnie, Allen and Billly are truly missed . That Smell?
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    one of their great tracks
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    i can smell the drugs all the way from here.....
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    The line "Stuck a needle in her arm" is also present in the Rolling Stones' song "Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)"...


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