• neighbours (evolution over time)

    31 Mar 2011, 17:53 by wood_and_string

    I keep here a list of my neighbours over time.
    1. discover new users with similar music taste
    2. research how's neighbouring system works really

    background story:
    - compatibility with users (over time)
    - Reverse Neighbours

    (see also: musical neighbourhood (playground))

    snapshots made on:
    04.04.2011: 17 neighbours with 142 plays
    31.03.2011: 9 neighbours with 41 plays


    142 plays (for 125 artists)
    library contains: 433 artists
    it is a little bit vague since I do not list all artists in detail (but that can be generated later)

    following 17 neighbours:
    Your musical compatibility with mew_chan21 is SUPER
    Music you have in common includes Nanae Yoshimura, Koto Ensemble Of The Ikuta School, Japan, Xu Hong, Li Guangzu and Liu GuiLian

    Your musical compatibility with dbqBear is VERY HIGH
    Music you have in common includes Jia Peng Fang, Nanae Yoshimura, Wang Yiqin, Wu Man and Reiko Kimura

    Your musical compatibility with labroji is HIGH