• Giddy Up Gangsta - Demo 2008 review

    17 Sep 2008, 12:17 by Generalplan-Ost
    Here we have Giddy Up Gangsta, a groundbreaking death metal band from Southern Illinois and their first and sole demo. Giddy Up Gangsta play a very amazing, brutal, technically proeficient form of death metal mixed with brutal hardcore, unforgiving tunes, which is very specific to the United States over the past 8-10 years. It would be unwiseto call it "metalcore" or "deathcore" when they are indeed death metal with a swedish touch, however they seem to have a touch of avant-gardeness by looking at their name, song titles and lyrics.
    The drumming is very technical, brutal, blastbeating; the riffs are groovy, swedish ones, the bass guitar is light as a coke light, while the vocals are brutal, shrieking grows or high pitched screams.
    I cannot continue the review without talking about the cover. Oh yes, the cover is worth the demo (which was given for free at their…
  • A moderator on a crusade

    30 Jan 2008, 20:55 by giakoum

    I am not going to post his name because that would give him a reason to say that I break the rules. All my comments in various band threads are being monitored and deleted systematically. He doesn't have the guts to at least admit it. He just avoids any questions about it.
    None of the comments were breaking any rules that demanded their deletation. It's just a personal war that started with the purpose of forcing me (showing off moderator power) not to go to the forums with some complaints that included him. At the forum all the other moderators rounded up to defend a case that could be easily won if any would have the manhood to think or research what I say. So one of my comments about moderators and admins that was deleted, the only offensive in some way btw, was not offensive at all. Just a statement of facts in just 1 word. CombatParvatiWolfnachtDer StürmerBaltakLut'