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  • Avatar for Nvomitor
    Sensational Atmosphere!
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  • Avatar for Wolfgarn
    Charming music.
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  • Avatar for Snerdly
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    @Goblim it's actually true and still exists on his page. Nevertheless Lustre seems like a good guy and I'm not here to bash him.
  • Avatar for Deroth-Rus-
    super-atmospheric "relax" black, from the soul glow metal
  • Avatar for PROnikx
    Люстра классная
  • Avatar for Goblim
    I can't find that FB post but if he actually posted such a statement I'm sure he eventually realized how ridiculous it was and removed it.
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    "Kom igen, sluta rösta SD då. Extrema grejer slutade vara coolt när man var typ arton." Said Lustre on his FB-post. No racists allowed in Sweden :3
  • Avatar for DesolationMan
    nestle within <3 [3]
  • Avatar for Sewer007
    nestle within <3 [2]
  • Avatar for thundernoob1337
    nestle within <3
  • Avatar for ThePerfectDay
    @SinStalker22: just tag them like "Album Name Part 1"
  • Avatar for SinStalker22
    Dammit Nachtzeit, stop being lazy with the song naming! It's a tagging hell!
  • Avatar for Herr_Liddell
    Classic Lustre. Giving his pieces problematic titles so that we can't properly scrobble. Classic Lustre. Good tunes tho. [1]
  • Avatar for MasterAmnesiac
    Classic Lustre. Giving his pieces problematic titles so that we can't properly scrobble. Classic Lustre. Good tunes tho.
  • Avatar for Goatexorcist
    What the hell happened to the Starlit site?
  • Avatar for melodymann
  • Avatar for kitto_katsu
  • Avatar for pfk505
    Blossom is the best thing Nachtzeit has ever produced.. melancholy and magical from start to finish.. I love it.
  • Avatar for DesolationMan
    Magic! <3
  • Avatar for Arkandast
    Весьма годно.
  • Avatar for Seltemorn
    "Neath Rock and Stone" very beautiful song. I have a formication,when i listen Lustre. Lustre will always be a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    I'm astonished by the Phantom EP. In case of Blossom, I agree with Nekrovoor.
  • Avatar for thundernoob1337
    blossom is best of Lustre
  • Avatar for Nekrovoor
    Blossom is boring, not because it's less metal, but because of its dull instrumentals (synths)
  • Avatar for nomeutente94
    btw albums such Night Spirit and A Glimpse of Glory are way better than Blossom
  • Avatar for nomeutente94
    Thanks for writing such great lullabies
  • Avatar for alleinstehend
    EP 10/10
  • Avatar for Cyanide1992
    Blossom is great :) [2]
  • Avatar for RealThoughtt
    Blossom öyle masterpiece falan değil ne yazık ki hatta 30 dakikalık hali ile bana kalırsa bir LP dahi değil. Peki nasıl derseniz eski işlere oldukça sıradan, tabii bu Nachtzeit 'in bir müzikâl dahi olduğu gerçeğini değiştirmiyor ama zamanla ya yaratıcılığını/hevesini kaybetti ya da ... Genel olarak bir EP gibi olmuş Blossom. Şahsen çok dahi iyi materyaller beklerdim ama böyle geldi. Eski işler, eski işler derim ben. "LP" iyide puanlamak gelmedi içimden. Eyyorlamam bu kaddar.
  • Avatar for LastFid
    نوای روح‌نواز اتمسفریک بلک
  • Avatar for Ravendarkk
    Blossom is great :)
  • Avatar for NorronSeier
    Nice new album :)
  • Avatar for AnarchyBrony
    Blossom is a fucking masterpiece [2]
  • Avatar for saYcoZodiac
    Blossom is a fucking masterpiece
  • Avatar for thundernoob1337
    оч круто
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
    welcome winter/part 1 is amazing. masterpiece.
  • Avatar for into_debauchery
  • Avatar for Seltemorn
    Welcome Winter (Part 1) - ебать,атмосферный трек.
  • Avatar for Nargaroth109
    A SPARK OF TIMES OF OLD its amazing <3
  • Avatar for Lynnan
    'First Beauty' is my personal favourite.
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
  • Avatar for Wolf_McMurphy
    проект двух альбомов. остальное самоповтор
  • Avatar for toltecaazteca
    2015,today i¨m listening to the great Lustre...I have to say,that its some amazing music.
  • Avatar for moon_sister
  • Avatar for PP667
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    @Nuke_The_USA; I'm very familiar with everything he's ever released. Still, his discography seems to me rather downhill.
  • Avatar for Nuke_The_USA
    Check out his early releases, when it wasn't fruity ambient. Still waiting on his upcoming work Blossom.


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