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    Великолепный коллектив!
  • Avatar for TheMightyWaffle
    man dischord signed some amazing fucking bands
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  • Avatar for KeSHaHateCreW
    Artificial Horizon kicks me so hard.
  • Avatar for pianistman1337
  • Avatar for TaRaBoSt32o14
  • Avatar for knight_88
    I just can't get enough. These guys are great!
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    this is great.
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  • Avatar for infecteDlamingo
    i'm in love
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  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    dimensional gliders -> iluvya!!!
  • Avatar for corporate_whore
    "Fascinating how happiness hides in only three chords. " Quote of the year.
  • Avatar for NyuuuuSaaaan
    These guys are the damn masters of repetition.
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Where can I get their live recordings?
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    I just started listening to them. It's weird how most of their songs are just one riff repeated over and over... but it manages to be really good. Great even.
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    В этом что-то есть)
  • Avatar for Jolochov
    Curative sound, as some of you has pinpointed already. In this contexto, to me is like a dissonant version of Om. Definitely, one of the best and more solid bands all around the globe. Fascinating how happiness hides in only three chords.
  • Avatar for NaranjitoO
  • Avatar for soapy_q
    I am a new fan. Terrific. Discovered just by scrolling through links...thank you for introducing me to new music again!
  • Avatar for pianistman1337
    So hypnotic. So deliriously wonderful.
  • Avatar for Un_Autre_Con
    Hadn't listened to this for a long time. Still just as great.
  • Avatar for nervous_brkdown
    At first I thought "well this band is decent but all their stuff is really samey sounding" and now I'm developing a severe addiction to them.
  • Avatar for nanonile
  • Avatar for ring0o
    rainbowtea: there are a couple of their lps on spotify
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    "A.C.R. 1999" is incredible. Does anyone know where I can download their live recordings?
  • Avatar for rainbowtea
    is it possible to download it anywhere? :S
  • Avatar for JamDrummerNJ
    DRUMMER LOOKING TO JAM NEW JERSEY message me please 20 years old I LOVE LUNGFISH
  • Avatar for nervous_brkdown
    Shoutout to Self Defense Family for introducing me to this band.
  • Avatar for iliveinthewoods
    Just discovering these guys. So glad I did, this is some of the best post-hardcore/post-punk/whatever it is stuff I've ever heard. Not to mention, Daniel Higgs is one of the craziest and coolest looking front men I've ever seen.
  • Avatar for AnotherBas
    why did I never hear this before!!!
  • Avatar for Psiloocybe
    their sound is my therapy. [2]
  • Avatar for metrokosmiko
    their sound is my therapy. [1]
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Just ordered Feral Hymns
  • Avatar for majo334
    their sound is my therapy.
  • Avatar for Witchpenis
  • Avatar for rozali
  • Avatar for Funeral_Opolis
    Feral Hymns is so goddamn good.
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    the older they got, the better they got. now i wonder, will there be a next step?
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Last 2 months I spent checking out Artificial Horizon, Indivisible, Love Is Love, and The Unanimous Hour. Everything is solid gold. Can't wait to buy their other stuff
  • Avatar for jamesastaylor
    what a underated and undercelebrated band.. if they released their music these days.. they would get the attention they deserve..
  • Avatar for Potoman
    There's no better slow post-hardcore band than Lungfish!
  • Avatar for pianistman1337
    The "Sex War (version)" on the ACR '99 is SO GOOD. They are unparalleled.
  • Avatar for chairock
    A few more days till Lungfish A.C.R. 1999
  • Avatar for tsintskaro
    The 1999 Lungfish ACR Sessions have been given a release date of the 14th May. These 10-songs were recorded and mixed by Craig Bowen at Baltimore’s A.C.R. Studios but never released. After the session the band decided to continue writing new songs – ultimately recording at Inner Ear Studios what became Necrophones (2000). Six of these songs were re-recorded and released on Necrophones, while four others remained unreleased, until now.
  • Avatar for tsintskaro
    @aFonderReel for early era go [album artist=Lungfish]Rainbows From Atoms[/album] for mid era go [album artist=Lungfish]Artificial Horizon[/album] for late era go [album artist=Lungfish]Love Is Love[/album]
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Ok I must admit I don't know anything about this band. Which album should I start with?


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