• Interview with Leah Folk

    11 Oct 2007, 17:06 by Dharmata

    This interview was taken verbatim from the SRIA website.
    Leah Folk (another gracious host) has a conversation with Lungbutter.

    Leah: Who are the members of your band?

    John L. Breno - Guitar
    Tony A. Ward- Guitar
    Rev. Reed Collins - Vocals, Various Props, Belching
    Gil - Bass

    Leah: What can you say about yourselves?

    Tony A. Ward - Job at HMV helps with acquiring contracts
    Rev. Reed Collins - Always has a pen
    Gil's colorful rainbow pants are made by his girlfriend and are their first of the Lungbutter line of clothings. He also bears battlescars from each of their performances.

    Leah: When did you form your band?

    Band: The Regina based band originated in August of 1996. The members had been in different bands until they came together and made a CD.

    Leah: What is the source of your creativity or inspiration for your group?

    Band: We use the absurdities of life, and feel that the members feed off each other. Another motivating factor for Lungbutter is the reaction they receive from their audience.
  • Interview with Randy King

    11 Oct 2007, 17:04 by Dharmata

    Regina Free Press (June 21 '98)


    Armed with an irreverent sense of humor, a wealth of satirical material and a drive to succeed, Regina's own Lungbutter looks to get to the next level.
    Lungbutter should be spread around
    By Randy King, Free Press Reporter

    It's impossible to overstate how glad the members of Lungbutter are that they met each other and formed a zany, irreverent and satirical band.

    "We all thought, 'Wow, there's someone out there as wacky as we are!'" says guitarist and vocalist Tony A. Ward. "You can see how we felt when we found each other -- it's like winning the lottery."

    "And it's been a bond of true love ever since," explains lead belcher and vocalist Reed Collins. "Who better to share your lungbutter than with someone you love?"

    "The only thing better than your own lungbutter is someone else's," adds bassist Bil Geck.

    The band Lungbutter (as opposed to the substance of the same name) is difficult to describe. …
  • Lungbutter is Anything but Mainstream by Gerry Krochak

    11 Oct 2007, 17:03 by Dharmata

    Lungbutter is anything but mainstream
    for the Leader-Post (Dec. 13 '97)

    Not everybody's going to like Lungbutter.

    Guitarist John Breno and singer-lead belcher Reed Collins realize that. In fact, they embrace it.

    "We don't prepare (listeners) for anything," Collins says. "But we prepare ourselves for people who won't understand us.

    "Whether someone likes us or not, they'll recognize that we're doing something that's not exactly mainstream."

    Breno agrees.

    "It comes down to two words," he explains. "Indifference sucks.

    "Indifference doesn't get anybody anywhere."

    Not only does this band dare to be different: it can't get comfortable unless it's pushing the envelope at the musical stratosphere.

    Of all the adjectives Lungbutter could use to describe its music, perhaps "chaotic" sums it up best.

    "We had a sort of reactionary clause that if something was proceeding in a way that we felt was too normal…