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2 acts called Lunatic Asylum

1. Lunatic Asylum (Guillaume Leroux) - french // producer & DJ. Born in Paris in 1968. Responsible for classic tunes like 'The Meltdown' and 'People Want Paradise'. Aliases: Dr. Macabre, French Connection.

2. Lunatic Asylum is like hi-industrialize metal laboratory - project based on hard-riffing, digitally processed guitars with a huge bit of electronic sounds and little gothic style. It can be called "Digital Metal-0-Industrial" (D.M.I.) as well as "Hard-Gore" (named by a few) or just "Hi-Lab Metal". L.A. was started by man named Kola in 2001 (his first records was made in 1999). Kola (bass, drums, guitars, synthesizers, and somewhere vocals - core member in a band - if not the whole band) asked his friend about joining the Lunatic Asylum and after about two weeks to Lunatic Asylum joined guy named AshraM (helpfull hand with recording and sampling). Together they created a sound which you can hear on first two albums and EPs. During recording Lunatic Asylum's first EP and album Kola started a small colaboration with old-time colleague named Loop. Loop decided to sing in "Requiem For Dying Angels" as a guest on first EP. After recording "Requiem For Dying Angels" Kola decided to record first, full-lenght album alone. After two years he ends "Neo-Messiah" and automaticly starts making second album - "The War Has Be-Gun". During recording second album another colaboration took it's place but it didn't give any good results - again Kola mades everything alone. After finishing "The War Has Be-Gun" Lunatic Asylum made a small EP called "N.E.W.O." - that's the last record in old style which was created by Kola and Ashram. At the end of 2005 L.A. released another EP - "DAMONs". Now new era is about to begin.

It's very young band and still hasn't got a vocalist so it's first home-made songs are without vocals… Lunatic Asylum made records without any help from outside. Kola never been in a professional recording studio and never worked with people who works there. He made all stuff in his house, on his computer. There are no touring and shows - no staff, no support, no money… Besides entering to the music studio and recording material with people who works there can change sound and bring vibes that he don't want to hear in his records. So his music can be unperfect but it's in 100% his music, not made with some one else, some one from outside. In a past two years Kola built his own home-recording studio: INDUSTRIUM STUDIO.

Lunatic Asylum recorded two full-lenght album with 12 tracks called "Neo-Messiah" and "The War Has Be-Gun" and two EPs called "Requiem For Dying Angels" nad "N.E.W.O.". On the first EP there're songs with vocals made by Kola and one song ("Requiem For Dying Angels") was sang by their friend named Loop (drumer from Kola's side project called "Jimmy's Dead Body" - dead now). "Neo-Messiah" is like normal, music album - more full-lenght songs (but without vocals…). "The War Has Be-Gun" is more electronic than the rest. It's also better mixed and mastered than the old "Neo-Messiah" and "Requiem For Dying Angels". "N.E.W.O." was recorded after second album and it's like addition to "The War Has Be-Gun". Now Lunatic Asylum is working on new album which would be called "Made In Hell®" and it'll be made in completly different way.

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