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  • "favourite":-)
  • One of my favourite pieces. Wonderful
  • love love love
  • Excellent.........................
  • Shouldn't this be called 'Minuet from String Quintet in E, Op. 13, No. 5' ?
  • Светлая и радостная классика! Сквозь белые шторы проницает весело проникают лучи весеннего солнца, птицы начинают вспоминать песни, забытые с прошлой осени, лужи от растаявшего снега высыхают! А в сердце начинает накапливаться любовь и надежда на то, что сегодня будет прекрасный день!
  • fog_cuttooth, I was just thinking it reminds me of zzapp! as well. Its years since Ive seen that.
  • i always thought this was someone else-perfect for daydreaming you are at a ball a la cinderella
  • ♪♥♫ classic
  • harika müzik......
  • So smooth, and playful, too;
  • ... infatti era uno dei brani di un mio saggio di danza classica :-)
  • frizzante e coinvolgente: è un invito alla danza.
  • distensivo
  • Quanto adulco!
  • Cool!
  • Frivolo e garrulo come la primavera lucchese
  • i am sorry but what does it mean that all this classical geniouses are travelling? 0_о
  • sublime....makes you feel good about things. ahhhh
  • Odd, I always thought this was Mozart...
  • La new age a encore à apprendre ses lettres de noblesse. Paix et sérénité.
  • As soon as I heard the opening of this song I realized what it was. It's so cliche to classy themes, yet it's still good.
  • I find it mildly amusing that Boccherini, while excellent, is played in the Baroque channel. His bio says it all, "a classical-era composer".
  • Great!


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