• Search for a Perfect Society

    5 Dec 2006, 20:52 by Darthemed

    So... I'm taking a class that shares its name with the name of this journal entry: "Search for a Perfect Society." In this class, we read books and analyze the societies within them. The books are Candide, The Beach, V for Vendetta, The Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Cradle, and Brave New World. While reading V for Vendetta, an idea came to me: To create a musical playlist to serve as a soundtrack for the course. I intended to incorporate music that applied thematically, lyrically, or appeared in one of the books. I also included the songs from the soundtrack to the movie version of The Beach, which we watched in class. Once the playlist is satisfactorily finished, I'll burn copies (in data CD format, to preserve track information and allow for more songs) for everyone else in the class, which ends with this semester. My current playlist is as follows.

    SfaPS Playlist

    1812 Overture
    The Umbrella Corporation
    Happy Nation
    Der Kommissar (considering swapping this one out for Der Kommissar)