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  • Avatar for Nordschein
    As Pure As S.I.N. is stolen from Children`s show "Hallo Spencer" - >
  • Avatar for king_confused
    Bloodchamber Klassiker-Review zu "This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse" (9/10) auf
  • Avatar for evilinvader
    it was such a great side project
  • Avatar for emmafag
  • Avatar for wunderbarlicht
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for ElviraDeviant
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Over & Out +
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    @ Liverloverr: The lyrics are kinda crappy for the most part (as opposed to a lot of the stuff he's written in Tiamat), but most of the songs are just too fun and catchy to write off as rubbish.
  • Avatar for Liverloverr
    As much as I love Johan, "This Dollar Saved My Life At Waterhorse" is absolute rubbish.
  • Avatar for noenahate
    Johan is a true genius. It seems that every project he takes up is bound to be a success.
  • Avatar for sailormono
    I wish Johan would release more Lucyfire stuff. :c
  • Avatar for Viktor_Liberius
    Very good!
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    [PERFECT CRIME] sexy ༼•̀ɷ•́༽
  • Avatar for astral-insomnia
    celebrate the thunder and lightning
  • Avatar for Holger_Fetish
    оеееес, круто)
  • Avatar for alvarex3x
    Mistress of the night!!!!! One of the best songs ever!!!!
  • Avatar for BlackMorticia
    absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for DocBrown2011
    Nice style, nice idea.
  • Avatar for lmeliael
    He'd better think of something new for Tiamat :P:P:P
  • Avatar for Nezael
    Totally awesome !
  • Avatar for ACDC-fan
    so underrated band!
  • Avatar for bassehunter
    Why is the album gone from spotify?? :ccc
  • Avatar for eyelinerlove
    Some of the song titles kind of bug me, but the music is amazing. Gotta love the cover of Sharp Dressed Man.
  • Avatar for Osba
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    new album will never come - johan closed this project !!
  • Avatar for yourenot
    It's much better than last Tiamat's works (they good too). Want new album!
  • Avatar for eusoueu
    i wish there were more gothic bands like this one, at least i wish i knew them...
  • Avatar for 666blade666
    Sharp Dressed Man)
  • Avatar for CBuCTyH
    Very nice ^_^
  • Avatar for Necrologue
    According to Metal Archives, Johan ended LucyFire. How depressing. The new songs are ace.
  • Avatar for INFORSER666
    Yeah, new songs are awesome! I really wait new album
  • Avatar for _descension_
    **bounce** new demos **bounce** =D
  • Avatar for Sinfull_Sheff
    I want new Lucyfire ....New Demos ....I want album)
  • Avatar for Sharknoise
    dreams come true
  • Avatar for emil_p
    the new songs are awesome
  • Avatar for sachcio
    New Lucy? here you go:
  • Avatar for proggirl
    R.I.P. Lucy! ;(
  • Avatar for Beletras
    Скорей бы уже продолжение.
  • Avatar for andrewell
    прей!!!!!!! группа просто пиздатище\11111111111111 Sex and fire and twist and shout and over and out !! Thousand million dollars in the fire!!!! You can have all my love tonight, The heaven's always for the night, it's always young!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Persephone90
    Realy nice :>
  • Avatar for beriadan
    I need some new stuff from him right now!!!
  • Avatar for Freaky_Engel
    Who will be my Anabel Lee.... I love it) I like this Johan`s project more than Tiamat
  • Avatar for wiliuzl
    Great Album ;]
  • Avatar for Le-Samurai
    average ...
  • Avatar for ladygothgaia
    Johan is hot... Pain song RULES
  • Avatar for 666blade666
    The Pain Song the best!!!
  • Avatar for LittleInVitro
    .......................................... Oh god, I've just watched The Pain Song video............... I can't believe this is the same guy who did Wildhoney........ This is really ugly.
  • Avatar for fusi-hasi
    "schock" as similar artist?
  • Avatar for astral-insomnia
    uploaded the cover for the pain song EP
  • Avatar for Ivan48


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