• The Story of Luaka Bop

    2 Aug 2006, 08:56 by mjcrbt

    From David Byrne

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    August - 2006 - Hey David, What's Happening With Your Label?
    The Story of Luaka Bop

    I get asked fairly often, "What's your record label up to?" I don't know quite how to answer, as I don't have much to do with Luaka Bop these days. A few years ago the label was distributed by Virgin, and, as had happened previously with Warner Bros., Virgin merged with or was absorbed by a larger company — in this case EMI — and there were firings and re-shufflings and our little label was once again out in the cold. Towards the end of the Virgin era I was putting in half days every day at the label — the office was in my house — for no money, and mostly it was a little like pushing a large rock up an ever-growing hill. Artists complained and asked what was going on and I felt bad and didn't have answers. I made shit up. I felt crappy. Read the rest here

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