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There are more than 2 artists using this name:
1) Garvan Power (D:V:ANT), Jens Kroenert (Jensen)

2) David Yates

3) ?


1) Born in the summer of 2002, LowTek started out as a rough concept between the two friends, Jens and Garvan (D:V:ANT). It wasn't long before that concept became a reality and began to take on a life of its own. By mid 2003, a record deal with Lenny Dee's Industrial Strength Records secured, LowTek had definately arrived. At its core, LowTek is a mix of industrial and hardcore, but Garvan and Jen's style and sound is definately their own. Their driving and energetic live shows has won them widespread acclaim across the hardcore community. Inspired by everything from EBM to the old PCP style, to modern hardcore, LowTek's sound and style draws influence from the harsher, darker side of all electronic music.

2) Lowtek (aka David Yates) is a minimalist IDM/Drum n' Bass producer from Columbus, GA. Don't let the name fool you - there is nothing low "tech" about his music. With pounding basslines and a wildly inconsistent beat structure, his music seems to come pouring from the pages of a Charles Bukowski novel; an alcohol-charged, intensely inward and passionate experience. One of his most recent projects includes a Nine-Inch-Nails/Drum n' Bass mix that truly displays his talent for being able to create a strong and concise track list with the fury of a hurricane - all while sticking to his signature loop heavy and erratic sound. Lowtek stands out among other producers by embracing his talent for creating mash-ups, inspiration-driven tracks,and his ability to mix media and create some of the most innovative, unique sounds to date.

3) http://www.discogs.com/artist/Lowtek+(2)

4) http://www.discogs.com/artist/Lowtek+(3)

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