• Austin: Free Week 2009

    3 Jan 2009, 08:17 by kcasplund

    After cutting back on shows during my baby boy's first year, I've been looking forward to this excellent chance to catch lots of local bands. The expansion from Emo's to Red 7 and Mohawk (and some nights Club DeVille and Beerland) is insane! It's like a mini-SXSW without the ridiculous crowds and the badge/wristband/cover lines, wondering if you'll be able to see the show you really want to see.

    On Friday, 1/2, I started at Red 7 to see The No No No Hopes, but watched Sleezus Fist while The No No No Hopes got set up. Sleezus Fist was silly costume punk, with mohawks and fake blood to enhance the cookie cutter music. They looked to be young and having fun, but not my thing at all. The NNNHs played on the floor in front of the outside stage, and I was surprised by how much they reminded me of Railroad Jerk. They don't sound *that* similar, but the drummer swung rather than pounded, and it was good punk rock.

    Next stop was Club DeVille for The Midgetmen. …
  • Fun Alternative Gig

    8 Jun 2008, 21:19 by trivial0921

    Sat 7 Jun – The Helio Sequence

    First of all, comments on the venue:
    I really liked the location and feel of the place, and loved the free cups of water (with free limes!). It was also nice a cool that night, which made for a very enjoyable experience. One thing that majorly bugged me that night, though was the lead-singer mic kept feeding back for all three acts...you'd think they would fix it after the first couple of times, but no...

    Anyway, first up was some local band New Roman Times who had some groupies next to me in the crowd =P They had a really good sound, but the vocals were definitely lacking. The bass, drums, and guitars were very good and I wonder if in their recordings the singer sounds better. Other than that, the music was really nice to listen to.

    Next was another local band (I'm pretty sure they're local anyway) Low Line Caller. Once they started playing was when I started to forget where I was, the music was that captivating and sweeping and full. …
  • Bands I've seen Live

    27 Jun 2007, 17:44 by trivial0921

    I add bands as I see them.
    Short reviews for noteworthy concerts (and links to longer ones).

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - FFFFest 2012
    Aiden - I'm actually kinda ashamed of this...opened for Anti-Flag
    The Airborne Toxic Event - ACL 2011
    Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - a nice mix of upbeat and downbeat
    An Horse x2 - Opened for Tegan and Sara; pretty witty and a lot of fun; also ACL 2011
    Animal Collective - sadly not a very good live band
    Applecore - I loved the trombonists; they were so good!
    Arctic Monkeys x2 - Sasquatch 2006; best part was when it started drizzling and the lead singer said "It's fucking raining!" the crowd went crazy :D; also saw them in Cincinatti in 2010
    The Architects - boring, generic hard rock
    The Argonauts
    Astronautalis x2 - best part was the freestyle; also FFFFest 2012
    Atreyu - meh, not a fan; Review: Metal Madness
    Awolnation - ACL 2011
    The B-52's
    Band of Horses - Bumbershoot 2008
    Paul Banks - FFFFest 2012
  • SXSW 2007: My (late) thoughts

    28 Apr 2007, 15:37 by dave-tx

    An amalgamation of several posts relating to this year's SXSW festival.....

    My first day at [event=99069]SXSW[/event] got started off a little slow, what with driving from Dallas after seeing a hockey game the night before. I missed most of the day parties that I had hoped to attend, but Wednesday was the "weakest" day in my schedule, anyhow. I'll post links to pictures and video after the festival - I don't feel like mucking around on Youtube or Flickr at this point.

    Started off wandering around downtown Austin before dinner, just to check out the scene. Went to Emo's Annex (a small tent set up outside Emo's) and saw a band that the Austin Chronicle recommended - Honeycut, a four piece electronic rock act. The lineup was a keyboardist, bassist, vocalist, and drum synth player (who actually tapped out the beat on some machine or another). Songs were catchy and well executed, and the soul influences of the vocalist were excellent.

    After dinner, we headed out to see Simple Kid, an Irish singer-songwriter in the stylings of Beck. …