• MUSIC SURVEY (not yet done)

    27 Mar 2010, 00:06 by ShellOfMyself

    1. Best song to listen to before going to bed?
    Because it makes me think of a better world; a world where everyone can be themselves. Utopia.

    2. Best song to listen to at 3 AM?
    Misguided Ghosts
    Being up at 3am usually means something's wrong. This song is just weird and it gives you stuff to think about, which usually helps me falling asleep.

    3. Best song to annoy your parents with while driving?
    No question.

    4. Best song to dance to on the front lawn with friends?
    Friends in Low Places
    I've actually done that before and it is a lot of fun.

    5. Best song to listen to while sitting under the stars?
    Still Standing
    Okay... That's just plain depressing.

    6. Best song to start the day with?
    This Is War
    It wakes me up. Really does.

    7. Best song to listen to when you're really mad?
    Kill Me
    And the lyrics have not much to do with it (or they do, because I'm only ever mad at myself, really).