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There are two artists by this name:

1. Lovebites ( was an indiepop band from Copenhagen that released 3 studio albums and one live album. 1996s Nothing But Joy was a succesful affair that gave them considerable attention in Denmark. 1999s Exploding Star and 2004s Lovebites were the two followups. In the meantimes Solveig Sandnes and Henrik Olesen disbanded. Lovebites played infectious indie pop with lovely tunes not unlike The Cardigans. They played a considerable part on the indie scene of the 90s in the danish capital - and were an organisational door opener for bands like Mew and Moi Caprice that followed in their footsteps eventually surpassing their succes.

2. lovebites was a Japanese rock group that originally formed in 1996 as LOVE BITES (See entry on Love bites' artist page.) They disbanded in 1999, but reformed in 2004. The initial line up on reforming was 毅 (Tsuyoshi, vocals), 大竹英明 (Hideaki Otake, guitar), 村田直樹 (Naoki Murata, bass) and JAGAAR (drums). 圭介 (Keisuke) became their drummer when JAGAAR left in early 2005. Naoki left in 2007, and Z'GOK (bass) and KA2YA (guitar) joined the band. This line-up remained consistent until they disbanded.

They disbanded again in December of 2008. Tsuyoshi is currently frontman and leader of リモ☆ with SAVANNA P.K. ORCHESTRA.

(Not to be confused with the UK pop group Love Bites or The Love Bites. If you're here due to them, please fix your artist tags.)

Lovebites is also a podcast.

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