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this is love's first album and it broke down doors, danny sugerman tells of morrison hearing little red book on the radio and telling the other doors if only we could make a record that good. in LA at this time, love, the seeds, the byrds, the doors and other groups were just starting out and everyone thought love was the best. arthur lee was so visionary and so influential, it's unbelievable, just another new band at the time.sent my brother to buy hey joe by the leaves and he came home w/ the love. what luck! the next two albums were even better,da capo and forever changes.saw tall lanky arthur lee at the valley music theater w/iron butterfly,sopwith camel, and arthur took the guitar away from one guy in the band when he started playing the hey jip riff in the middle of the long album side revelations, blew my little 9th grade mind. arhtur lee was our soul and its sad that he got passed over,very timeless,so history may wash out the chaff and leave us w/ love, we'll see!

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