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  • Avatar for gejm
    Wow almost 4k listeners o.o
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    Daily reminder about the new album [album artist=love through cannibalism]Magic Cloud[/album],please [url=]download it here![/url]
  • Avatar for AbraWerewolf
    Magic Cloud review in War Loli 4... lololspamsry.
  • Avatar for Cachibubu
    I love Enma Ai, seriously love it : D Gracias por la excelente musica! , Ojalá y continúes haciendo musica tan buena :3
  • Avatar for TapirsRD
    Hard makes my new penis album
  • Avatar for gejm
    New penis makes my album hard
  • Avatar for NINlife
    new album makes my penis hard
  • Avatar for uranutan
    Experimentalambientpokechipbreakcore. Awesome.
  • Avatar for bulletaurbulle
    new album is something conceptual about Magic Clouds, Glitch City and flying Pincirs. great
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    [url=]Download the new album please i think it's pretty good (Magic Cloud, 320kbps, mediafire)[/url]
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    Vote up [url=]the new picture[/url] because it's better and will look better in your library
  • Avatar for Jiddles
    This shit is silly. I like it.
  • Avatar for becker_90
    el sicario > guroshit
  • Avatar for bulletaurbulle
    last month new album 'MOIST AND DELICIOUS' coming soon
  • Avatar for Taco_Chopper
    what the guy below me said~
  • Avatar for yargzz
    Pretty cool shit you got here
  • Avatar for Bastafa
    i'm string shotted by his awsomeness
  • Avatar for pointlessdude
    Metapod can't attack
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    new album 'MOIST AND DELICIOUS' coming soon
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    V nope.avi
  • Avatar for swagadactyl
    Kirby's Breakland > MissingNo. EP > Energy Drink Dream > Serial Experiments Tangela > Metapod Destroyer > Enma Ai EP
  • Avatar for DemonCashew
    oh hey what's up?
  • Avatar for EndlessYeti
    ......the most.......epic the history of wins.
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    yes i'm hipster as fuck, i'll be putting random triangles everywhere in my next release ▲▲▲
  • Avatar for 8306623863
    Metapod can't learn hyperbeam what the FUCK
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    dat 3000 listeners
  • Avatar for Carmenjb6
    You gotta be shitting me...
  • Avatar for xmetalcore15x
    Serial Experiments Tangela > Enma Ai EP > Energy Drink Dream > Metapodestroyer > MissingNo.EP > Kirby's Breakland
  • Avatar for kleptocephalus
    Holy SHIT.
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    New EP [album artist=Love Through Cannibalism]Enma Ai EP[/album] is [url=]here[/url]
  • Avatar for Flatex
    metapod met a pod!
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2474 listeners. It may take a while for the change to show. Visit the group [group]under 2000 listeners[/group] for more info.
  • Avatar for kakera__
    lsakjlgajñlgjaldf i'm top listener LOL
  • Avatar for JoepOMG
    Please more 8-bit breakcore and less Metapodestroyer-core!
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    Shitty EP almost done
  • Avatar for Priebiglis
    Penis used HARDEN!
  • Avatar for Andorinhamarela
  • Avatar for aVys
  • Avatar for postbellum
    I listened to LTC, but then my head exploded.
  • Avatar for elverdaderoekra
    New EP as soon as possible
  • Avatar for becker_90
    I listened to LTC before it was cool.
  • Avatar for toodead2die
  • Avatar for pickleseater
    muy currado!! mola mola, a ver si se para por zgz
  • Avatar for juanchopepe2
    everyone gets hardened
  • Avatar for bulletaurbulle
  • Avatar for KooL_DudE_HaMeR
  • Avatar for bulletaurbulle
  • Avatar for jackjones6
    I want an extended version of "Title screen seems broken" 50 seconds is NEVER ENOUGH xD
  • Avatar for xKronosx
    Metapod, Metapod, Metapod
  • Avatar for StineCHK
    I love this.


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