• Rock The World 7, A Review

    17 Dec 2006, 06:45 by ArmandTanzarian

    So the festival's over, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed by it. For all its hype of 50 bands, 3 stages and whatnot, I turned out below my expectations. The best way to describe it is like listening to a 65 minute album with 45 minutes of filler.

    There were, of course, some great acts, including some I never expected to be good. The main stage opener, Tempered Mental, definitely rocked the house, and energised the crowd. Melina (I think that's her name), is perhaps the best bass player in Malaysia, and she ain't too shabby looking either. 4/5

    I then went to the Discovery stage to catch Sofa Sessions. I don't think anyone know this band prior but after the sonic assault of Tempered Mental, some softer rock felt good. 4/5

    To the indie stage, then. Lucy in the Loo is one those twee(?) bands that definitely catches your eye. Cuz here you've got a four-piece of guitars, and right in the middle this tiny woman with a sweet voice manages to capture the audience with her wonderful voice. 5/5