• Genre Studies

    12 Nov 2006, 17:57 by realityincog

    What is a last.fm journal for? Where do they go when they get deleted? If no one comments on one, does it even exist in the first place?
    Take It Back-Why don't I own a song about the Internet?

    I'm currently camera-less. After having one for so long, it becomes an extension of your short term memory. Things are also much prettier in freeze frame; without a camera, I'm forced to consider anywhere from 2-24 hours in whole. We simplify everything anyway so it's alright to have visual aides. Without the aides it's easy to forget how pretty the world can be.

    The word "revolution" is really thrown around these days. Every mild technological advance is labeled as such. But if you remember anything from world history, a revolution is usually dangerous, accompanied by a threat of retribution from whomever you're revolting against. At that, I can only imagine the pagers and typewriters of the world fusing together to form a world destroying robot which would then battle the Internet, apocalypse-style. …