• my mp3-player non-scrobblings, pt. 4

    19 Dec 2008, 11:34 by spikemobile

    as those who follow, may see, i'm not the one who often changes music in his m3-player. in fact once it's in there, it stays there for a long long time, hence the non-scrobbling thing.. it's a shame it never gets scrobbled in the amounts it is played here (it woulda made the tops).

    * A Plea for Purging!!! what can i say about these guys? they're redefining , imho. a lot of good guitars, very eclectic, very fast (without being overbearing).. A Critique of Mind and Thought is excellent! very hard to pick a track that doesn't stand out, they all do.. perhaps Slaying of the Serpentine Dragon is THA track! but then again, so are other tracks.. good! good! good!

    * For Today's Ekklesia is a very tight album with no skip-tracks. tight! tight! tight! breakdowns, beautiful riffs, melodic interludes, good vocals - (not so generic) at its finest. Redemption is awesome! and so are Ready For The Fight and A Higher Standard!

  • let the Passion WorldTour begin..

    8 Jun 2008, 09:34 by spikemobile

    Fri 16 May – Passion World Tour

    wow, almost a month has passed since that day in kyiv. i wanted to write about for quite a while now, but never had the chance to.

    it started the day before - may 15 - when we went to kyiv for the passion worldtour opening in kyiv. i was expecting something great; i've been a long-time fan of the passion music and message (unlike Hillsong.. nothing personal, it's just that i prefer passion). going there i was listening to some of my fav artist in my player, such as Matisyahu and U2 (both kinda prepared me for what was coming - i know it sounds too good to be true, but here it is nonetheless - meeting God!): Matisyahu's [track and artist=matisyahu]king without a crown[/track] and Jerusalem and U2's Yahweh and If God Will Send His Angels respectively. that was a good start indeed!

    having gotten day a day earlier, we had some time to roam the streets of kyiv and sightsee. i also had a chance to be on the air of the Christian ukranian radio station Emmanuel.. and then the time had come!