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  • Avatar for mistatwinkies
    Mii85: I wish the current artist pic was more current too but most of its fans are 80's metalheads, though how the shit is Terror the most listened-to album then..
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    one of the greatest things made in Japan. awesome metal \m/
  • Avatar for LoopZoop
  • Avatar for HEIIAHK
    iRunMadeIn From Japan)
  • Avatar for AGP64X
  • Avatar for peliculiar
    @ Epsilon_X2008: How about Risky Woman: ;-)
  • Avatar for Rubberbandman16
    Can't believe these guys are still around putting out good metal
  • Avatar for TheOnlyMAD
    One of the best heavy metal bands ever.
  • Avatar for Mii85
    But, please, let's change that 80s picture to current lineup.. This for example:
  • Avatar for Mii85
    Brilliant heavy metal. Up there with Racer X, Judas Priest etc. Akira Takasaki \\m/
  • Avatar for RebelAtHeart
    Literally the best. Cannot wait for Bang Your Head!!
  • Avatar for DevilNeko5
    Perfect. <3
  • Avatar for AngryvikinG
    Clockwork Toy!
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    the new album is great. maybe need some time but yeah...great job again ! "Mortality" "The Best" "Greatest Ever Heavy Metal" and "Shout" are my favs
  • Avatar for kacper92 The Sun Will Rise Again full music video is finally on. Akira is still the shredding beast! \\\\\\\\m/
  • Avatar for afrowolf
    Who is this "Loudness"? LOUDNESS!
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    thanks for the info kacper92 . oh boy I'm excited. Really amazed by their 2000+ music they're doing.getting better and better \\m/
  • Avatar for kacper92
    New Album named "The Sun Will Rise Again" coming out in 4th June! Also [url=]Teaser for the new MV[/url] Damn, just can't wait!!! :D
  • Avatar for stonecoldlove
    its class act not your mothers wet dream.
  • Avatar for stonecoldlove
    buckle up.
  • Avatar for kacper92
    @Epsilon Wasn't it Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy?
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    I heard a song by Loudness the other day and it was really keyboard-y, but I don't remember the name. Any idea?
  • Avatar for Eudes_Ferreira
    ATTENTION! Statement from the band regarding the U.S. tour, can be read on the band's site: "To Our Dear Fans and Supporters: We regret to inform you that we´ve had to cancel the previously announced US tour. The tour was scheduled by one of our US partners without our consent or knowledge. We were the last ones to learn about the tour itinerary only after they had already announced it publicly. As we are in the preparation of releasing an album in the US soon, touring the US on this schedule was ill timing. We tried hard to negotiate with the partner and looked for a compromise, but unfortunately, failed. We apologize to all of our fans for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation. Under better circumstances, LOUDNESS will definitely return to US. We are looking very forward to see you all at that time. Play it LOUD, LOUDNESS P.S. We will be performing at "Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2014" as scheduled"
  • Avatar for Eudes_Ferreira
    A-class heavy metal \m/ [2] no doubt!
  • Avatar for Alice_North
    A-class heavy metal \m/
  • Avatar for Siffie91
    Try to Join if you think you listen to Killer Metal!
  • Avatar for ObscureSolstice
    Excellent japanese heavy metal!
  • Avatar for kyo_dash
    new album just awsome! the older they get the better ! great band still making awsome music after 31 years[2]
  • Avatar for lucas_xs
    Soldier of Fortune is amazing :)
  • Avatar for FictionalFlames
    It's a shame that all of their good stuff comes from the 80s.
  • Avatar for MIKEH3875
    Loudness \m/ \m/
  • Avatar for Szpila_13
    Loudness \m/ [2]
  • Avatar for Alin_
    now this.. this is legendary !
  • Avatar for AQUILAKnight
    Loudness \m/
  • Avatar for Eudes_Ferreira
    "Damnation" é viciante!
  • Avatar for tobbAddol
    2012 is great!
  • Avatar for Plodman
    Nothing will top Disillusion!
  • Avatar for Hetfield55
    german review of "Eve to dawn":
  • Avatar for mistatwinkies
    I feel like the new album is as good as they'll get at this age and given the last 30 years. Much more refined than Eve to Dawn
  • Avatar for Killerkyle1994
    The charts are dominated by the new album! :D awesome!
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    new album just awsome! the older they get the better ! great band still making awsome music after 31 years
  • Avatar for junek
    love new album
  • Avatar for Nerustrauss
    waiting for the new album to arrive, looks like Loudness is getting better and better.
  • Avatar for Killerkyle1994
    omfg! the new album is a goddamn masterpiece!
  • Avatar for Nagashiwa
    yeah loudness new album is good!!
  • Avatar for Rubberbandman16
    Just cuz they're called Loudness doesn't mean u gotta make them loud...LOUDNESS
  • Avatar for Killerkyle1994
    If anyone has a download for the new album, please inbox me
  • Avatar for Killerkyle1994
    Fix them caps please
  • Avatar for AllMightyJesus
    awesome japanese hair metal band :)
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    one of the greatest metal bands in my opinion. Since the 80ies active still writing great music.. Akira is such an awsome guitar player ! the whole band is amazing.They deserve much much more attention ! \m/


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