• Lb4Lb#10: Black & White City Blues

    30 Apr 2012, 12:02 by tadmaster

    I have no doubt that the city of New York has changed considerably in the nearly 25 years since Lou Reed recorded his album of songs about it - but I would be willing to bet that these songs still describe it pretty well. It's hard to know how well without going, but I do live in Baltimore, and it isn't hard to imagine some of these dark snapshots being taken on the streets here.

    Because even though they grow up, die off, move away, or find Jesus in the course of a quarter century, people don't really change.

    The man if he marries will batter his child
    and have endless excuses
    The woman sadly will do much the same
    thinking that it's right and it's proper
    Better than their mommy or their daddy did
    Better than the childhood they suffered
    The truth is they're happier when they're in pain
    In fact, that's why they got married.
    - Endless Cycle
    At the top of the liner notes, it says "This album was recorded and mixed at Media Sound, Studio B, N.Y.C., in essentially the order you have here. …