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  • JK1988

    The beginning is awesome! Fantastic song!

    June 2013
  • AnilexusRaiyne

    @SheepIsEpic: Um, excuse me, but I listen to those bands AND this kind of music. Dont dis on other people's taste. If flapjack6x is wanting to be a troll, let him/her be one. Dont hate on other peoples bands based solely on your opinion.

    April 2012
  • Ghost_Buster

    IMHO 1,2,3,4,6.7,9 are good (Rooftops albeit a bit cheesy) on LT and 5,8,10,11,12 just don't do anything for me.

    April 2012
  • SheepIsEpic

    @ under me: Happens if you listen to hollywood undead, i set my friends on fire and stuff like this. When ur ears are used to listen to crap, they hurt when they have to listen to good music.

    March 2012
  • flapjack6x

    shitty! aaah!!! my ears are bleeding from this

    March 2012

    It's not over!

    March 2012
  • Frexin

    perfect for jogging

    January 2012
  • FooVines

    @Dyomaeth : no album has only good songs! even LT has some bad songs, but i think there are more than only three good ones !!!

    October 2011
  • Dyomaeth

    @TheCreatedVoid1 Did you just imply that LT has bad songs?!? Go to hell, dude.

    October 2011
  • TheCreatedVoid1

    Easily the best song from LT, and one of only three good ones. THAT FUCKING SOLO, DAMN.

    October 2011
  • mstoxiccupcake

    fucking loves this

    October 2011
  • Renard99

    Is it just my copy or does this song get a little quieter at 2 minutes 46 before the guitar solo?

    June 2011
  • heartshred

    truly amazing :)

    May 2011
  • black-wraith

    “ PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.TOMORROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU'VE STARTED READING THIS. DON'T STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1. say your name 10 times 2. say your mom's name 5 times 3. say your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this to 4 other songs. if you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. SEND THIS TO 5 SONGS IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORK ”

    March 2011
  • FirefoxUC

    It's a good pump-up song.

    March 2011
  • gabrielle_lucy

    it's not nad, but they have better songs than this

    February 2011
  • W0lfSh0t

    This song is BA.

    February 2011
  • Marco_Mrc

    The ending of this song gives me chills everytime I listen to it.

    December 2010
  • Marco_Mrc

    closest you get to old style Lostprophets in far too long[2]

    December 2010
  • Powersurge213

    closest you get to old style Lostprophets in far too long

    November 2010
  • Sonicalter


    September 2010

    lostprophets RULEZ

    August 2010
  • gabbysaurus

    great song, amaze album

    August 2010

    best intro ever??? damn that shit gets you pumped

    August 2010
  • TEHAZIN1496

    i love this song and rooftops!

    July 2010
  • maccablue666

    wow wow wow great ???????????

    July 2010
  • maccablue666


    June 2010
  • dermodude

    Bloody great riff and an insane solo <3

    June 2010
  • x_modern_way_x

    Don't think you're safe 'cause it's not over, don't think you're safe 'cause it's not over, don't think you're safe 'cause it's not over, DON'T THINK YOU'RE SAFE 'CAUSE IT'S NOT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    June 2010
  • mickeymait

    good song me thinks <3

    June 2010

    nice boii like

    May 2010

    you can cut a rug to this song no problem.

    May 2010
  • KaKa_x3


    April 2010
  • SP1984


    March 2010
  • Deandl


    March 2010
  • SKeene1956


    March 2010
  • Jonzo67

    Not as good as Amplifier's song of the same name.

    February 2010
  • Ziomex442

    gr8 intro

    February 2010
  • thestingingrain

    one of the few songs on LT that I like.

    February 2010
  • Rowan5215

    Good song, but the album is fucking shit.

    January 2010
  • mmiwo

    good one !

    November 2009
  • dago126

    good one!

    November 2009
  • nathan01254

    Love this one.

    November 2009
  • MrNiceGuy4400

    Best song by them, A New Transmission comes in second.

    October 2009
  • kiba77

    love this song, so much energy into it

    October 2009
  • LJV3081

    October 2009
  • DrnknMastr

    rooftops sux my asshole! Fake sound of progress was righteous!

    September 2009
  • MorbidJRIOTT

    I like rooftops better

    August 2009
  • iceblueocean

    gooooood song =)

    August 2009
  • Honig_Keks

    i usually wanted to hear linkin park in the linkin park radio, but... after the first 50 songs there was no song from lp....

    July 2009