• Monster 2009 Year-End Wrap-Up

    Jan 2 2010, 23h00 por lizvelrene

    Note: because apparently I am much too long-winded for this site, I have been forced to split this into two posts. Part 2 is here.

    You must understand. Since I joined Last.fm in 2006 one of my number-one tags has been "synthpop". Or "New Wave" or "darkwave" or any of a dozen other labels for what adds up to be glorious beauteous 1980's-era synthesizer-laden pop music. I liked it enough the first time around, but ever since I picked up The Human League's "Dare" in a dollar bin early on in the 2000's and went on to obsessively collect New Wave vinyl records I have been rapturously in love with the sound. Not, I must hasten to explain, the drippy wallpaper synths that come up as background for cheesy soft rockers like Phil Collins and people who ought to know better like Fiona Apple. I mean front-and-center synths, Thompson Twins synths, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark synths, DAN-CING WITH TEEEARS IN MY EEEEEYES synths.

    (As usual for me, There's a Playlist For That: kiss them for me.)