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  • Avatar for ReedToGo
    Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Avatar for Raymond1986
    Such a shame
  • Avatar for MyChemGD1234
    To say goodbye is the hardest Thing in Life.
  • Avatar for ierofrnk
    to say goodbye is the hardest thing in life [2] Fuck you, music industry
  • Avatar for Pixelated-Hugs
    "It’s our sincerest hope that in our physical absence our music will be safe in your hands. Listen to it, share it, play it loud, sing it, cover it, own it, wear it and spread the word of LostAlone." ♥
  • Avatar for rolic1969
    любимейшая группа, спасибо за новый альбом
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    sos songs on the charts <3
  • Avatar for MForsblad
  • Avatar for Ijux
    have big expectations for the new album, should be amazing
  • Avatar for ierofrnk
    LostAlone is my new favorite band. You guys have a different kind of music- spontaneous and full of energy that no one -at least until now- can bring it trough sounds. Damn. Bands seem to have forgotten how to make good, upbeat rock with non-generic riffs these days. Or really any kind of a substantial message.
  • Avatar for strangeoutcast
    main pls , &
  • Avatar for strangeoutcast
    Esse número de ouvintes do UFO é indecente.
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    rdedmd loved it, thanks a lot :D - yay, finally some UFO tracks are available @ lastfm radio, hopefully this will increase the number of listeners
  • Avatar for lenaiero
    I'm A UFO In This City is such an underrated album it's untrue, one of my favourite albums of all time!
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    rdedmd thx for the vids!
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    \/ I believe the event includes all the SXSW dates (from the start date of the festival, March 12)
  • Avatar for MOWGLISR0AD
    SXSW date's wrong, theyre going play on 14th in hickory street
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    We caught LostAlone live at Birmingham Academy 3 - read the review here:
  • Avatar for lenaiero
    'Say No To The World 31.808 listeners' - 'I'm A UFO In This City 756 listeners' WHY
  • Avatar for Punk_Crow
    Where can I find the EPs and the various songs which aren't included in the albums?
  • Avatar for perfectmesss
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    A review of LostAlone's show with Tonight Alive & Blitz Kids at the Birmingham Asylum is online at
  • Avatar for ladyhertford
    love these lot. remember them from their early shows in Devizes
  • Avatar for starchorusang
    Gosh, this band is amazing ;-;
  • Avatar for reireiregret
    I miss Tom. [2]
  • Avatar for pandepandu
    gr8 \m/
  • Avatar for chandra7257
    whoaaa. cant stop listening to your tracks guys!
  • Avatar for Hum-Ming-Bird
    I miss Tom.
  • Avatar for lmcopkilla
    wow, they appeared in the recommendations list,and i'm just... `wow`... awesome music
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    IT'S ME AGAIN ;SLKF;K;DSKF I promise that is the last message (of this month). Shit, it's hard to find an overcome/poor/weak/whatever song on this album, all the tracks are stunning. I'm so fucking in love with this band.
  • Avatar for AnnyDeVirus
    Woahh guys, you are awesome!
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    Woe, its me again. Just to say... Lost Fucking Alone: One of the best things I've heard in these last times. I'm A Ufo In This City, this is the album of the year, just.
  • Avatar for NinjaMCR
    Orchestra Of Breathing, why so awesome???????
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    Why has frontman Steven Battelle never learnt to drive? What was cluttering up his bunk on the tour bus? And, how did he get on sharing the bus with tour buddies InMe and Mojo Fury? To find out head over to to read our Feature on LostAlone.
  • Avatar for rawwwrr666
    finally a studio version of escape. was waiting for it for like ages! [2]
  • Avatar for Ijux
    Album of the year
  • Avatar for rolic1969
    post-emo? ugly-emo... lovely-emo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for rolic1969
    im so fucking love this album as i loved billy the kill in 2009 if you listening me& great great great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best album of 2 ugly years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best best best more than Enter Shikari in 1000-s at all they like glam-punk-rock-band! but much better than Muse and Queen both
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    A live review of InMe / LostAlone at the Temple HMV Institute, Birmingham is now online at Before the show we chatted to Steven so be sure to keep a look out for our LostAlone feature which will be online withing the next few days.
  • Avatar for reireiregret
    finally a studio version of escape. was waiting for it for like ages! new album is magnificent! [2]
  • Avatar for alternativeRB
    Come find music worth listening to
  • Avatar for MForsblad
    Love will eat you alive, Creatures and Orchestra of breathing <3
  • Avatar for Lewis_7
    Awesome new album!
  • Avatar for Raymond1986
    Enjoying it right now!
  • Avatar for Ijux
    Out on itunes now, with 4 itunes-exclusive bonus tracks
  • Avatar for Ijux
    2 weeks left!!
  • Avatar for chemical_12
    new video added
  • Avatar for AkaiaAutumngold
    New video is amazing. Can't stop watching it on repeat! So excited for the new album :D :D
  • Avatar for corelips
    OMG ❤ I miss them.
  • Avatar for gilangkodrat
    oh keren


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